Issues of Life

If I had a gun

If I had a gun, I’d hold TV captive for 40 days
So that husbands and wives, brothers and sisters
Fathers and sons, and mothers and daughters
Would learn the art of conversation

If I had a time machine, I’d travel to the Last Day
And watch the Shepherd separate the sheep from the goats
I’d note the personalities I exalted as noble and saved
And learn the thoughts of the Most High.

If I had a talking mirror, I’d ask if it knew God
And for the meaning of life, love and everything…
I’d ask to see the days of Genesis
And learn the purpose of my existence

If I had a bomb, I’d imagine everyone had one
In such a crisis, extinction is at the door
Only love for self will prevent the day
When humankind learn ‘I’ is the victim of hate…

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  1. Oh finally! Someone else shares similar tot with mine…if I had a gun I will first shoot all tyres of bad drivers on Lagos roads and hold all the danfo drivers in captive for …Mmmm…let’s see. I guess I will need an auomatic gun to have it set on those guys…gees!

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