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Treasured Bridal Memories

One of my most treasured memories, as I have prepared to wed my true love, is of the semi-surprise bridal shower and engagement party my sisters, best friends and fiancé threw for me. There were so many things special about that evening, but the most touching were the poems my girlfriends wrote to me that night.

Though it was one of the many games we played, it was one that revealed the heart and creativity of the special people I have in my life. So I want to share these funny and inspiring poems with all my friends and well-wishers, as I embark on this destined journey…

Group 1 – Mariam, Damilola, Orhue, Onyi and Bunmi

As beautiful as you are
You are like a shining star…
When you smile
Each facet of your being
Whether physical or spiritual
Is an ornament from which
There is no release

Group 2 – Deyo, Morenike, Mayosun, Sandra and Yewande

Few months ago, I met a girl
Average height, bright eyes
Nice hips, calm and collective
Lovely eyes she had
Her voice reminds of the
Cinderella I see in my dreams.
I love to hang with Ufuo
Her face is beautiful and bright
She never has an ugly side
She is always like a bride
Most people are obnoxious
They do not stop to see
I’m glad that I met Ufuo
The brightest star of glee

Group 3 (WINNERS) – Chioma, Amaka, Rhe, Rita and Tosin

O, Ufuoma, a lady so fair
The stars desire your beauty
The sun likes your golden hair
An African gazelle, so dainty
A lady full of virtue and natural grace
Toju must have a silly happy smile upon his face
A mother of many, bringing hope
Many more are sure to come…
Gosh, how will you cope?
We believe you’ll do the best
Because you’re so blessed…

Group 4 – Joke, Temilade, Wanda, Uzo and Funmi

Woman of virtue,
A woman of substance
A woman that gives her all
You’re able to nurture passionately

A woman of virtue
Your smile brightens my lovely soul
Just like the early morning sun

A woman of virtue
Your eyes captivated my soul
Your curves leave me breathless

A woman of virtue
Ufuoma, my kind of woman.

Thanks to my darling sisters and wonderful friends.  I really appreciate the effort you put in to making my shower perfect… And it was!  Much love and thanks go to my parents who have exceeded all parental expectations in making this marriage possible, and the wedding a glorious occasion.  I am truly blessed!

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  1. Nice poems from all four, but group 3 stood out. Ufuo, there’re no better words to describe your person. You’re just a wonderful creature. Happy married life.


  2. Aaawwwww! Congrats once again Ufuo. I remember that night, reading the poems now, it just makes me see that all the little moments we share together as friends are really treasured moments that bring great memories. Can’t wait to see the the bride today…


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