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Ufuomaee’s Seven Reasons To Wait

The pressure is ON to loose your virginity like yesterday!!!  Parents who might have otherwise counseled you, forbade you or restricted you from sexual involvement before marriage, are now encouraging you to use protection because they have given in to the belief that YOU WILL DO IT ANYWAY, so you might as well be safe.  But, before you go ahead and do what ‘everybody’ thinks you should be doing or have done by now, here are seven reasons to WAIT!

WAIT because IT’S NOT TRUE!  Not everyone is doing it.  You are not everyone, you are an individual.  Make your own decision, don’t follow the herd!

WAIT because YOU CAN’T TAKE IT BACK!  Once you give it, it is gone!  There’s no rewinding the time.  When you meet the one you should have shared that wonderful first experience with, you will know what a waste it was to throw it away.

WAIT because YOU DESERVE LOVE. Yes you do.  Anybody that compels you to have sex outside of a loving commitment (marriage) does not really love you.  Putting out doesn’t lead to happily ever afters anymore than losing your shoe!

WAIT because IT IS NEVER 100% SAFE.  There is no such thing as safe sex!  The safest sex is that between a man and a woman who are wholly committed and truthful to each other.  You might end up with a baby, or even worse, a fatal disease.

WAIT because THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING. There’s a time to play, and laugh, and cry, and yes, have sex for the first time.  Enjoy your adolescence.  Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.  When you have grown up responsibilities, you’ll realize that you cheated yourself of a childhood, if you never really enjoyed the simple things of love without the burden of sex.

WAIT because PRACTICE DOESN’T MAKE YOU AN EXPERT.  The idea that practice makes perfect is true in some situations, but not all.  And definitely not where it concerns something as personal and emotional as sex.  Having many relationships never made anyone an expert at relationships.  It actually reveals how BAD they are at relationships.  You really don’t need to be a prostitute to be good at sex.

WAIT because GOD SAYS SO.  The dangerous impact of promiscuity can be felt all over the world, among Christians and Atheists alike.  Consider the many broken homes, teenage pregnancies and abortions!  God put in those boundaries for a reason bigger than we realize.  When we do it His way, we get the best outcome!

My brothers and sisters, Christian or unbeliever, please WAIT!

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  1. What great advise Ufuoma, if only someone could have shared this very needed Truth with me when I was young but I had already been damaged, I will leave a Link so you will understand better but yes I still decided to win a heart by giving sex, why not! I was deceived into believing Jesus who had been my Childhood friend was not real and that I came from an Ape , so if it’s all about being happy no matter what you do, than go for it!

    Yes I ended up pregnant before I was 15 and was than pressured into having an Abortion and later raped by the Doctor who did it. I also got sexual disease from a man who was sleeping with a prostitute, was I happy No, very unhappy, confused and mixed up and desperately needing to be Loved but I was just used and abused, it was like being in a graveyard which I wrote about on my Blog.

    Thank you again Ufuoma and never stop sharing God’s Truth even if it brings persecution, you are an amazing woman.

    Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus- Anne


  2. I found your blog by way of freedomborn and enjoyed reading your blog they forwarded. If only your message had been posted in every public school restroom in the 1950s and continuing through today. I’ve always believed sex education belonged in schools as part of their health program learning as statistics in the US have shown that over 90% of students never learn anything about their bodies or sexual activities at home.


    • Even now, this view of waiting is considered outdated or even religious oppression. It’s hard for anyone to hear that they shouldn’t do what they want! The status quo is pushing for “if it feels good, go for it!”. More people, especially children and youths need to stand up and sing a different tune.

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  3. This is a perfect advise for all adolescence and those who are single but what to get married. When the Bible says flee from fornication ….that anyone fornicating is sinning against oneself, there was nothing like HIV/AIDS! But now we all see the reality & truthfulness of that statement. Like Joseph Jacob (in the Bible) let us FLEE from Adultery (if married especially MEN) & Fornication (if single).

    Thank you Ufuoma!


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