Fair Life Africa

Four Years and Going Strong!

Four amazing years! They go so fast. I’ve learned so much and been transformed in the process of trying to transform others. Glad to have made it to another year. By God’s grace we’ll make it to 5 and 10 years and will be making global impact. God bless everyone who has supported Fair Life Africa Foundation one way or the other.


The Rising Star

On the 10th of January 2011, Fair Life Africa was birthed.  We made baby steps, and typical of any organisation meant to succeed, have encountered and surmounted many challenges to be where we are today.  None of the successes we have achieved would have been without the unflinching support of our esteemed board and the beautiful friends and donors who have stood by us through thick and thin, and still.  We are grateful to be blessed by people like you…

2013-03-29 17.11.36 Toju volunteers by taking out the #FLAKids

Counting our blessings, we identified quite a number of challenges we have encountered, but in all we are grateful because the successes tower above the supposed failures, and even the failures have helped us become, and do, better.  Hence, to mark this anniversary, we asked our Team to give personal testimonies of their experience working with Fair Life Africa Foundation.

Ifeoma Keke, Social Worker…

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