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Don’t Let Me Fall

(Originally published on ufuomaee.tumblr.com)

Don’t let me fall!
Though I throw my head back
And I scream and I shout
And I act like I don’t want you around…

Don’t let me fall!
I don’t know what I do
When I do these to you
But you should know that I need you around…

Don’t let me fall!
I feel safe in your love
I won’t always be tough
You know I just love to have you around…

Don’t let me fall!
I’m a child in distress
And I feel so helpless
Please hold me and say you’ll always be around…

*This piece was inspired by Baby Jay during one of his tantrums when he threw his head back in protest. I knew if I let him go, like it appeared that he wanted me to, he’d have landed on his head. But he was able to do that, without fear of falling, because he trusted in my love and protection. I wonder if that has anything to do with Jesus saying we have to become as trusting as little kids, even when we are distressed, and be free to let it all out before our God…

Photo credit: http://www.mydailyinspirationfromthebible.blogspot.com

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