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What do you make time for?

Time is one thing that we are always complaining about. Whether there’s not enough time in the day and you’re too busy, or you’ve got too much time on your hands and you’re terribly bored. Or maybe you can’t wait to grow up so you can do this or that, or you wish you could go back in time and do something better. It could be you were at the right place at the wrong time for an opportuinty, or at the wrong place at the time of a great opportunity. There are few (most likely none) for whom time works out perfectly.

For myself, I continue to battle with time, and my problem is usually that there isn’t enough of it. However, I’d bet you any dollar that if I had one more hour in the day or one more day in the week, I’d still complain that I don’t have enough time. Why? Because I am a busy person! It’s not really a problem with time, but a problem with me.

I like to be doing things continually, until fatigue or sickness forces me to rest and recover my strength. But even while resting, I’m busy doing unrestful things (like watching tv, sending or responding to social media messages etc), so though my body might get a break, my mind doesn’t. In modern culture, it is almost impossible to turn out the noise, but our minds are screaming for relief from constant bombardment of activity.

So, I’m using this post to evaluate what I make time for. I make time for blogging, like I’m doing now. I have five active sites that I personally manage. Three of them are for personal blogging and ministry, while two are for work. I make time for social media interaction. Because of my charity work, I need to be socialable and use various platforms to fundraise. You’ll find me on BlackBerry, where I also run TWO channels, on LinkedIn (personal account and a page), on Whatsapp (two different phones), on Twitter (two accounts), Instagram (for work), Pinterest (for work), Godinterest (personal), Tumblr (personal) and finally Facebook, where I have two accounts and two pages! Yikes! But I doubt I’m unusual.

I make time to breastfeed and take care of my baby for short periods of time. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do the other things like read to him, play with him etc. Most of the time, when my maid is busy or not around, he’s crawling around making a mess, while I’m busy on my computer. I try to make time to play and read, but those are few precious moments in a day.

I make time to work. It is hard to quantify my work, because I mostly work from home, and that means on my computer or on the phone. A couple of days in the week, I make it to the office. But whatever day it is, Sunday or Monday, you can bet I’ll be working one way or the other.

I make time to eat and sleep. Sometimes, I forget to eat and I’m starving by the time I get home, and resolve to eating a quick and easy meal or leftovers. I make time to shop for the home and to cook – occasionally. Maybe once or twice a week. I store up for baby and for hubby and me. I tend to sleep late, so I compensate by waking up late. I’m working on breaking that cycle, but it works for Baby right now. And hubby is a night person, so it’s hard to switch off early.

I make time for hubby. Not as much as I think I should, but he tells me it’s plenty time. “We’re not ready for no 2!” His words. I rarely make time to call or message friends and family. I used to, but it’s getting less frequent and we rarely meet up. However, when occasions arise, I make every effort to go.

Aside blogging and reading blogs, I hardly have time for me.  I mean, I hardly make time for my other interests like listening to music, going for walks, going out dancing etc.  I rarely groom myself and I never exercise.  I’m usually out without make-up or jewelry, sometimes in a house gown I threw on to go on a quick errand.  I rarely change my hairstyle, and Lord knows I’m due for a change!

I hardly make time for Church! Alarm bells right?  Seriously, I actually avoid it, if I’m honest. Church can be very demanding, and once you’re in, and they see what you’re capable of, there’s no getting out. There’s always something to do in Church, and I feel my life is already busy and demanding enough. For now, my small contribution is in writing for the magazine, which is natural and easy for me to do. As my maid doesn’t sleep over or come on Sundays, evening services and Sunday services are hard for me to make with baby. I’m working on being more regular on Sundays though.


And now to the reason I was inspired to write this post today… I hardly make time to pray. I mean like, spend up to 15 minutes reverently talking to God and worshiping. I read my devotionals (I have two) daily, though I sometimes forget and have to catch up. I pray on the move, when the Spirit hits or I’m rejoicing or concerned about something. But making time to sit still before God and thrash things out… Not much time at all. It is an ongoing struggle, because I know I need to intentionally spend more time with Him to grow in Him (read CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD).

So, now I know what I do with my time. Now, I have to figure out how to make time for the things that are really important, like God and family. And Christian fellowship. And friends and work. What I don’t want to do is prescribe a religious routine, but I definitely need to instill some Christian discipline in my life. Not because that is what I think I should do, but because I know deep down my desire is to be in the will of God and to know that I am using my time to His glory.

This post took me an hour to write! So that reveals that I have time for the things I love to do. Maybe, the next time I feel a post coming on, I should spend time praying first… Hopefully the inspiration will be enhanced after a bout of fellowship with God.

What about you? What do you make time for?  Does God factor into your day?

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