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God To The Rescue!

I have a testimony!  It’s so wonderful when we see God in action.  Sometimes He lets the Devil mess around with us, so He can show us His power and encourage us that whatever our circumstance or situation, HE IS IN CONTROL and is GOD and God alone!

Well, my situation was not soooo dramatic, but the glory belongs to God alone!

I recently scheduled a post on The Spotlight, my account.  It was a reblog of my friend’s post on The Impactful Journey called “Let go and let God”.  How ironic, in light of what happened.

So, when the post was due, and I hadn’t got the alert, I checked my Reader.  I saw one weird new post which was a Sample Post on a new site on my Reader.  I swiftly unfollowed the site.  I couldn’t find my posting anywhere, so I visited my site.  It was indeed the new weird site that had publicised a Sample Post to my Reader!

The hacker had deleted my site and every remembrance of who I was on, so that even when I tried to sign in, the site did not recognize my email or username!  I was dumbfounded.  Wow.  So this is real.  The enemy has attacked my site.

I told my friend, Deo, and apologized that her post wouldn’t be shared as promised, thanking God that I didn’t lose any original content on the site.  I then deleted the reference to the site on my official website, thinking “that’s it”. No more Spotlight blog.

I contemplated starting a new one, using WordPress only, but thought, it might not be worth the trouble, so I left it alone and closed the case.


However, God had the hook up!!!  I don’t know how He did it…  Or really what this whole thing was all about, but this morning, the alert that was due at noon yesterday was received on my Facebook.

I was surprised and clicked the link to see if it would really show.  It did!!!  I went to the homepage, thinking it’s just the link that worked.  The homepage opened as before.  All my posts and settings were back!   I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I asked Deo to check to see if it was really back up.

She said she had actually gotten the alert too, and had checked the site and saw the post!  I checked on my laptop too, as a final verification, and the site was fully restored, and I was even signed in!!!  I swiftly changed my password.

I’ve been singing God’s praises all morning.  It’s such a good feeling knowing that nothing is beyond His control, and that He loved me enough to fight for me.  What is more, His restoration of my site to me is all the confirmation I need that this is His Business and He has, in His own way, invited me back to serve on The Spotlight!!!

Thank God for His mercies.  I’m excited more than ever about the life of ministry He has called me to.  God bless all my brothers and sisters doing the same.  And God bless and inspire our readers and visitors too.


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    • Thanks Deo! I really needed God to confirm that He wanted me to run The Spotlight. I was beginning to think it was my own idea that I was doing in my own strength. This incident really spoke to me.

      I hope your week is going great! Stay connected x Ufuo


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