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Trials – An Invitation to Fellowship

I don’t know anyone who enjoys a trial, or a single soul who can stand waiting.  These, for us, are seemingly unnecessary aspects of living.  We all wish life would be free of trials and we could have what we want when we want it.

However, for God, trials serve a fundamental purpose in testing and building our faith.  Not for His sake, but for ours…  Faith is like a seed.  It won’t germinate until the right conditions co-exist.  Trials present the ideal conditions for faith to grow, which is why God doesn’t spare us from them.  At the end of our trials, we are like purified gold, if we come out triumphant and not overcome.

So when we are facing a trial, what should our attitude be?  Should we just pull enough strength together to get through it?  Or do we pray through it, day by day, believing that God will see us through?  I think if we try to depend on our own strength to overcome the trial, we would have gained nothing, except more pride.

The attitude should be dependency on God.  For each and every trial, big or small, we need to be communicating with Him, asking Him for the strength and wisdom needed to overcome.  We need to seek His guidance and provision, rather than depend on our wits and connections.  When we start depending, we are acting according to our spiritual nature, and the seed of faith begins to grow in us…

When our victory comes, we KNOW it was God’s doing, and give Him the glory.  If the trial is prolonged, our growing faith helps us to trust in God, who we know is not a liar, from His Word and our past experiences of His goodness.  If and when another trial comes, we are not worried nor afraid.  We are spiritually charged and excited about the opportunity to grow in faith, love and understanding of our God.

Trials are, for us, our adventure hikes with the Lord.  They should be thrilling, when we have the right attitude and lay our focus on our Guide.  Because the truth is, when things are easy and going well, we tend to slip into comfort and self-reliance, and loose our dependency on God.

So, though we should never wish for, or seek out trials, we should take the opportunity, when they arise (for they are a part of life – they’ll definitely come), to trust in God, for that is why they were sent.  Take courage!  At the sign of a trial, listen and hear – the Lord is calling you to fellowship.

…but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope” (Romans 5:3-4)

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  1. Great piece Ufuoma.

    From experience the best ways to go through trials are to obtain Mercy and Grace, have Faith and rest in God.

    When you try to work it on your own, you become frustrated and overwhelmed. Believe me, I know.

    But constantly reminding yourself that His Grace is sufficient, believing that all will be well and resting on Him to do what only He can do best, will surely see you through and get you out of that situation with your sanity in check.

    Trials aren’t meant to break us, but make us find our true sense. Indeed, through fellowship with God can we obtain Mercy and Grace, grow in faith and rest in God

    Thanks Ufuoma.

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