Issues of Life

As You Love Me

Lord, I need Your help today
To love someone who doesn’t love me
To treat them with kindness
Even when they abuse and insult me

Help me to love them Your way
Knowing that when I hated You
You took the punishment for my wrongs
Even though I hurt and rejected You

It is so much easier to walk away
I’ve tried for years to do what is right
But I don’t seem to be getting anywhere
Still Your Spirit compels me to do right

How will they believe in what You say,
If I give up and do the wrong thing?
How will they know Love conquers all,
When my love is unable to endure all things?

Lord, give me the strength to stay
To stand and fight for Your Love
To endure the bruises of the unloving
And show them the power of God’s Love…

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