Matters of the Heart

I Love You More

My God, how I love You…
I love You with all my heart,
More than I have ever loved anybody.
I love You so much I long to be with You always…
I long to please You and see You smile upon me…
I love You more than I love myself!
I love You because You first loved me.
I love You because You woke me up,
From a dark sleep… a bitter dream…
I love You for all that You are,
And for how You make me want to be better…
For how You inspire me to good works,
And how You chastise me when I fall.
I just want to be where You are…
I just want to be found in Your will…
I just want everyone to wake up and see You,
And to love You, like I love You.
But I think I will always love You more…

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