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I did something different last week.  I started to write a story on my blog, called The Church Girl.  It was just supposed to be one of those single post short stories with a fantastic lesson at the end.  But turned out to be a seven part series with several fantastic lessons throughout!

Each day I thought it would just be one or two more parts, but the Spirit kept inspiring me to go deeper and changed everything I thought the story would be.  I’ve learnt a lot from just writing it.  It is set in a Nigerian context, and deals with issues like sexual abuse, salvation, celibacy, prostitution, marriage and more.

I know most of you are more used to my musings, and you probably don’t have the time to devote to reading long stories, but I would like to ask you to give The Church Girl a try.  I would also appreciate your comments, if you manage to read all seven parts 🙂  If you like it, please help me share it too.  I think more people need to read it, and would appreciate the boost!

God bless you for reading and sharing, and for following my blog in the first place.  I’m very grateful to have a place I can express my thoughts and live out my faith with others.

Have a blessed day!

Start from: The Church Girl – Part One

The Church Girl – The Book is based on this original story, with a twist, and then some.  It is a lesson-packed story about a love that was destined, but tried in every way.  Mary and Ifeanyi must learn that in order to live, they must first die to self, as their love and faith is tested through many trials and temptations.  Follow this roller-coaster ride about a love that overcomes all, that will grow your faith, or lead you to the One who holds the keys of Life…


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  1. I read all seven parts of the story. I started sharing from part two but implored all to start from part 1.

    I did this cos I was certain it would help various groups of people – single, married, old, young, abused, chaste etc. It really did enlighten me. It also gave me hope that no matter how far gone one may be in evil, God is mighty to save and restore hope and life.

    God bless you for sharing this story with the world.

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