My Easter Dream

I rarely reblog for a reason… But when you have to, you have to! Thanks for this wonderful piece, Josey. May God grant you more revelation, and may we all appreciate the Lord’s sacrifice, not just today, but everyday!

Joseyphina's World


A skeptical me went to sleep wondering

How I in the present could have had a hand

In the death of a man in history;

I mean, how?

I can appreciate his gesture was selfless;

And I can will myself to accept Him as my Savior;

But to call me a traitor, denier and murderer;

Psst! Spare me, please!

Found myself in another place at another time;

Heard heavy steps approaching;

Soldiers coming my way led by someone who looked familiar;

Heard him say, “The man I shall kiss is the man.”

He approached the Lord and kissed him.

The Lord said, “Would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?”

But that was…He turned and it was me!

But how could it be?

I then found myself in a courtyard;

Confused, I looked around hoping to find someone I knew;

Then I heard someone say, “This one was…

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