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When They Don’t Love You Anymore…

I am a growing blogger, and slowly, people are starting to hear what I have to say on various matters.  Many disagree with me.  Few agree with me.  And still others are not sure where they stand.  Some support me just because they know me.  Others find my controversial thoughts intriguing, and sometimes find agreement, and sometimes are strongly opposed to my ideas.

I am experiencing a bit of growth spurt among those who like me at the moment.  It is exciting.  I am enjoying being understood.  I enjoy knowing that people are being blessed by the things I share.  And I am encouraged by their praise and comments.

In other circles, I find great opposition from people you accuse me of “making Christ look bad“.  Who say I am too judgmental.  Who speak all manner of evil against me, and twist my words to make them say what they do not actually say.  In those circles, I feel hated.  And not everyone in those circles professes unbelief in Jesus.  Many claim to have a measure of faith.

I’m beginning to realise that as I continue to grow as a blogger, I will meet many more of these people who think and speak evil of me, just as I meet more of those who appreciate my posts and praise God for my life!  But, one thing I know…in time…the number of lovers will dwindle in comparison to the number of haters!!!  Jesus promised it.  He said that just as they hated Him, I will surely be hated by men for speaking His words…for standing for righteousness (John 15:18, Matt 10:22).

Many of my current lovers will becomes my haters, just as many of those who followed Jesus shouted “Crucify Him!!!”  It is an inevitable reality…and these times of opposition will prepare me for the times of greater evil…when the love of many will run cold.  When even a word of light will be met with the accusation of evil!

If I am motivated by the praises of men…then my message will certainly change over time to be more appealing to the world, so as to maintain my followers, and even to gain more.  But I will not be a pleaser of men at the expense of being a pleaser of God.  So forgive me if in time I also offend you.  But if you too love the truth above anything else…I think it can be you and me against the world!

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  1. I think you and I have much in common. We want people to like us, yet we feel compelled to speak up and even if it offends some. It puts us at war with ourselves, with our instinct for self-preservation and feelings of security in the group. I beg for acceptance, yet defy it. I suppose this is the role of a prophet?

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    • Nobody wants to be disliked. But I don’t crave popularity, not in the least. My strongest passion is to do the will of God, and I love it when I meet like-minded people. I love their encouragement and fellowship… as long as we are both following God 🙂

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  2. I’ve been discouraged lately. I don’t find much fellowship or encouragement where I am at. It isn’t that people do not try either, I just have trouble believing them and wonder if we have the same God. I fear being left alone in a wilderness of my own faithlessness. But I am glad for those like you who speak truth.

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    • It’s very hard. We have to have faith in God and get our encouragement from Him! Though the world stands with us, we are doomed unless we walk with God. Sometimes, God has given you a firm confirmation or direction on something, and another prophet comes along to question it or tell you of a higher truth… you have to go back to God on it, and if God says keep moving… move along, and if he says listen and abide with your brother, then you do. We know the story of the prophet who disobeyed God’s word to him by the word of another prophet. At the end of the day, we should only be found doing God’s will. Take comfort and security in that.

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      • The whole story is that I do not fully trust God with a promise. Or, rather, I do not know if I know God like I thought I did because the impossible has not yet been made possible. A couple years ago I wrestled with a question, I told God I would crawl on a sea of shredded glass to find the answer and the past few years have been a struggle. I suppose one should never ask God to test their faith, huh?

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      • Ummm… that’s a mistake I made before! I was on high about God giving me the power over the natural… and Jesus’s word that we can ask a mountain to be moved. So one day, I came home and I noticed the grass was tall and overgrown. I was too scared and lazy to go out and cut it, so I spoke to the grass to “be cut” or something like that. In an instant, I felt God rebuke me in my spirit. You know like how Christ rebuked the disciples for wanting to call fire down from heaven on their enemies. The power to change the world doesn’t come from us but from God. When God wants to move… He will be the one to tell you to speak to the mountain or the circumstance, and when you do so by faith and obedience, you will see His power at work. The problem is we want to use God like hocus pocus. That’s not His way.

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  3. Truthful words! I pray for you that your motivation to write will always come from the Holy Spirit. For as long as you are in Christ, critics have nothing on you.

    Destructive criticisms get to us the moment we lose focus on Christ. remain in His grace always. All the best.

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