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What if God has nothing to do with it?

It can be very tempting as a Believer to think that everything that goes on in your day is either God-ordained or sabotaged by the Devil, depending on if it’s good or bad.

I personally believe that God is interested in us, and pays attention to even the most inconsequential details of our lives, and that He wants us to include Him in our daily decisions.  But I also feel, like a good parent, God doesn’t need to or want to control everything about our experience in life.  Sometimes, you just let the kids play and get on with it.  They will learn from the falls and from some bad decisions about how to avoid such pitfalls…and probably retain those lessons better than with continual parental control or management.

I was just thinking today what a slow day I’ve had.  I haven’t done much of work or anything.  I feel fatigued and lazy.  And the thought just came, “maybe God just wanted you to take it easy…”  And then, the follow up, “maybe you’re just being lazy!!!”

I mean, it would be nice to think that God wants me to have a day off, and that’s why I’m having an unproductive day…but I think it is more likely that I need to pick myself out of this lazy hole I’ve been in for a while now, and apply myself!  I don’t think God has anything to do with me feeling this way…even though He was still able to teach me a lesson from it.

It can feel really good to think you’re so in touch with God, and live life as though someone else is in the driving seat, but that can also be dangerous!  Yes, we must be led and guided by the Spirit, but we haven’t been kicked out of our bodies, so that we can do nothing with our own reasoning.  We are not puppets on strings unable to act without God, and so, we will also face consequences of our ill-advised actions.

I know I might be sounding extreme or contradictory, but there’s definitely a need for balance with this.  Just as you can be busy doing so much and thinking you are working for God, only for Jesus to say He never knew you, you can also be following the wind, giving in to your own selfish desires and thinking you are following God…only to face a rude awakening at the end of the day!

I pray that God will give us more wisdom, and ability to discern His voice and influence in our lives…and that we will all mature into His image, and be able to act rightly and take responsibility for our actions or lack of.  Amen.

But seriously though, I am really feeling off today…like I’m coming down with something.  I think I will take that rest, because even without a commandment from above, I reckon it’s a good idea.  And I remember now that I haven’t taken my multivitamins today.  Did I mention that I am iron deficient?

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  1. Is God involved in every decision? Not generally. He can be, but we must tune in and ask. Also, when we hear the inner voice clearly, then He is definitely involved.

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