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Time For A Little Honesty – Would You Rather Be White Or Black?

This post was inspired by an article I read yesterday by Keith Haney about the guilt that White people are made to feel about the privileges they enjoyed in the past, and probably still enjoy today.  I shared my comment under his post, but I got to thinking…  What is worse?  Feeling guilty for being privileged or being disadvantaged for the colour of your skin?

As much as we think we have progressed and racism is no longer a serious issue, I would like to suggest that it is.  Until we no longer identify ourselves as Black or White people, then I reckon racism will still be an issue.  Sure, as much as possible, we need to move past blaming people, who live in a time where racism is being addressed, for the crimes committed when racism was rife.  The problem is not White people, the problem is RACISM.  So please, this post is not about blaming my White brothers and sisters, but addressing the problem that is racism.

Racism has become a sort of truth, an institutional and structural problem that needs to be navigated, until it can be eliminated.  However, saying it isn’t there is simply lying.  Are some Black people milking the racism card to get a leg up?  Hell yeah!  As in, the poor use their poverty to get charity, and in America they use it for validate their request for food stamps (I don’t know if that still happens), so why can’t Black people use the recognition of their disadvantaged circumstances to get a little sympathy and support?

However, those who are successful among Black people, those who make it to the top alongside their fellow White humans don’t get there with the attitude of charity or by appealing for favours due to their skin colour.  They actually get there by believing that they are just as equal as their White counterparts, that they have what it takes and damn the limitations, they will succeed – without grovelling or having a pity party.


These Black people are to be respected.  They are the ones who have realised that the structural framework that is racism can be navigated, and that their success if not dependent on what others offer or provide for them, but what they fight for and make for themselves.  However, though many Black people may have such a mind, few get to the top – and that is still evidence of the struggle caused by institutional racism.  Because otherwise, it should be almost 50/50 by now, represented in Government, Media, Academia, Business et al!

So, if you are being true to yourself and to the reality on ground about the existence of racism, in favour of White people, would you rather be White or Black?  I know it is a tough one to answer, especially for the many who are “Black and Proud”.  But seriously guys…  What is the truth?  Would you rather be Black and work twice as hard to get a break or be White and suffer the occasional guilt that comes with being favoured?

I know it will be hard to answer publicly, so help a Sister out by using my poll to answer privately.  There is a poll for those who are White, another for those who are Black and yet another for those who don’t fall into either camp (if you’re mixed raced, being half-Black and half-White, apparently you’re Black).  I know that there are other races (another issue with institutional racism that seems to ignore Asians and others in the Black and White feud), but for the sake of the Black and White feud, I would like to clear up what race people in general consider preferable.

Let me speak honestly.  I know who I am and I love myself and everything that has made me who I am.  Though I know this is a man’s world, I wouldn’t want to be any other sex but female!  I am Black and content, not exactly proud, because being Black was not my choosing nor my making!  So, if I’m being honest, given the reality of racism, I wouldn’t mind some of that guilt please, if that is the cost of being White.  And I’ve never liked my African hair!  It’s a whole lot of stress to be beautiful with it, and I would much prefer the easily maintained White, Asian or Hispanic hair (which I believe is the case among lots of my Black Sisters who buy human hair to use on their heads).

Now, while we are wishing, I would rather have an American or British passport than the Nigerian one I hold.  I wouldn’t mind enjoying the Visa Waiver programme all of you are enjoying, while I have to suffer queues and interviews and rejection and abuses to get a visa to visit a country like America.  Sometimes I wonder if Nigeria would be as bad as it is if we were a race of Whites, or if the treatment we receive when we visit other countries would be better if we were a race of Whites.  There are many more issues to this race thing than the Black American experience of racism.

Finally, I know there will be those who will say, “I’d rather be what God made me to be”.  Please spare us the religious mumbo jumbo here.  There are people who are born physically disabled and have to go through life living with a limiting disability, who would much rather have been born able-bodied.  There are also many who were born with terminal illnesses or even chronic illnesses that have to suffer all their lives.  Given the choice, I am sure they would rather have been born healthy.  So, please be real, and dig in your hearts and be honest.  Is racism still a reality?

Thanks for your honest contribution to this poll.  Please help me share it, and let’s get to the truth of the matter!

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  1. Racism is indeed a tough issue. Would my life turn out differently if I were white? Probably but being born black hasn’t been awful either. Maybe it’s because of where I’m located. I doubt racism would ever go away but the danger and threat that comes with it should be dealt with. Black or white, we are all humans and deserve to live out our lives to its full term. Nice piece, Ufuomaee 👍

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    • I knew I would get a lot of comments like this, but I don’t think it’s honestly addressing the issues. If I asked you if you would rather be poor or rich, would you give me the same response???


      • Rich or poor is not who you are, it’s not how I was born and cannot change. Its what you have and dont have and that can change by effort and work. Apples and oranges.

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      • If you really want to value equality, stop trying to divide by differences that are ‘born’ differences and judge people by their characters, not their skin.

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      • I’m not judging anyone by their skin…I’m addressing a real experience of differential treatment based on skin colour differences.


      • Is Dr. King God? Of course, if I felt he was side-stepping the issue I would call him out on it. The question I asked is whether or not racism is a reality, and if it is, which race would you rather be. The quote you made in response was side-stepping answering the question. It’s not that it’s not the correct attitude to have, it just isn’t answering the question based on evidence.


  2. By and large in America, racism doesn’t exist or it didn’t exist until Obama, the Dems, and their pet media revitalized it. It died out over a generation ago. What we have is a clash of cultures.

    On one side we have Americans and on the other the “Blacks.” Yes, culturally and now quasi-militarily it’s America vs. Blacks since the Blacks have built themselves a culture that is deliberately both exilic and antithetical to American culture – can’t act White, you know? – and that is or was the primary reason from friction between the two camps.

    You might notice that WoCs – Whites of Color – don’t have many issues except from the Blacks.


    • Hi Jon,

      I appreciate your perspective, but I think you cannot say that “racism doesn’t exist” in America or didn’t exist until Obama et al. You have to realise that even if YOU think there is no racism, Black people, who are the major recipients of racism continue to feel and testify that racism is still a major problem in America.

      Yes, you can say that the cultural divide has not helped the two races to merge and accept each other, and that probably has to do with both Black and White Pride, and not simple Black Pride as you insinuate with your comment. Are more Black people vocal about racism? Of course! Those who suffer more shout the loudest, and what we find is resistance to accept our experiences and testimonies as valid, and therefore, we need to shout all the more.

      Chris Rock said it so well in this video, and I just have to link it for you. It’s quite funny, but racism is not funny.

      PS: I don’t endorse his choice of language (swearing), but he is soooo on point on this issue.


      • We have a fundamentally different belief set, which means that I’m always going to reject your testimony, though perhaps not the facts contained therein. You believe that Americans base their views on gross physical characteristics and I believe they base them on behaviors and cultural indicators. In other overly simplistic words, if the Blacks start acting White they’ll soon be treated as White. Is this not, after all, a major plaint among the Blacks? Do they not turn on “their own” who “act too White” or aren’t deemed as “Black Enough.”

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      • While I am offended by your assumption that acting “White” is the only acceptable way to live, and to be treated as equal to White people, because of the implied superiority of White culture, I can understand your perspective. If I am following you, the issue is not so much about racial (colour) differences but cultural (behavioural) differences. And that makes sense. But on what basis do you claim that your culture (behaviour) is better than ours? Really? Why can’t our two cultures exist side by side and be complementary, without one having to try to be another, or one being made to feel inferior to another? It’s like telling women that they should act like men to be treated as equals to men. It’s condescending bulls**t!


      • Better? No, not really. It is, however, the both the dominant and normative culture of America and the one this nation was built upon and for. All outcomes are inherently based upon adhering or failing to adhere to it. Kind of like when I lived and worked in Japan; I had to adhere to their culture or face repercussions.

        That all being said, there is in my opinion some validity to the idea that White culture is superior to Black culture because what is now considered Black culture – really something that didn’t evolve until Segregation was terminated – is based upon being both exilic and antithetical to White culture.


      • Okay, what you have said about White culture being the dominate culture in America would only go so far to explain the continued racial tensions in America, but not why there still exists racism globally.

        Secondly, a country that is dominantly White doesn’t need to make every single person within become as they are culturally, especially when you are a country that boasts of cultural diversity. If Blacks have been liberated from White rule, why should they now be compelled to act like Whites in order to fit into a country they were brought forcefully to? If their circumstances enabled them to develop their own culture, so as to bond and to be strong, why must they forsake that, and their original heritage to fit in with your supposed better culture?

        Being given their freedoms, there are very much as American as you, and it is also their country as much as yours…so the issue shouldn’t be about White culture or the dominant culture but about American culture – which by history and development is multi-cultural! Why the need for supremacy among the Whites? Is it because you think you own the land or you found the land? What about the Indians you destroyed to make room for yourselves? Should their culture not be respected as the true American culture, if it is a first come first serve thing?

        You can’t compare it with you as a White person relocating to an Asian country and wanting to live there, and not adapting to their culture. If there are a significant number of White people who have relocated to Asia, it would only make sense that Asia adapts to the significant addition to their populace and redefines their culture, or they control their borders. But once you’re in and settled, and have a community, your community needs to be represented politically – and that’s what Blacks are doing in America. They want adequate representation, which they are not getting.

        I don’t know the situation in South Africa too well, but that’s another example of how Whites didn’t respect the dominant culture of the people who owned and lived in the land they came to dominate! But Black Americans are not even seeking dominance in America, only adequate representation, influence and respect!


  3. First of all, I’m white. I grew up in a black neighbourhood and our families were equally well off, and in certain respects, many of the blacks around us were financially better off than we were. That being said. It was economically easier for us whites to go places with our lives, as we did not carry the same stigma of violence with us.

    I don’t particular like the differential treatment that happens between races. Me, I simply don’t see it. I’m equally comfortable around most all peoples, probably with the exception of Catholics, but that is because of all the things they have specifically put me through in this lifetime. I’m working on loving them too, but I admit it, it isn’t easy. But I am following the counsel I give below on this matter. Catholicism came straight out of Babylon.

    I would be remiss if I did not mention Noah’s three sons in this conversation. I actually want blacks to succeed. I really like being around them. However, Noah’s 3 sons were the beginning of the races and what happened to them back there has been absolutely static in the intervening ages. Shem was the father of the asians or orientals, the yellow skinned. Most native races fit into this camp. Ham was the father of the blacks, and Japheth the father of the whites. When Noah cursed Ham for looking at his nakedness and said that he would be a servant to his brothers, especially Japheth, that has become living reality right down through the ages. So this is clearly a spiritual problem.

    Ham went on to establish Babylon in rebellion against Noah’s curse, and we have nearly all false religion and government coming out of that particular foible. I’m not blaming blacks for this, even though Nimrod, the very first Sun god was the main black involved in these hijinks. I’m just saying it is spiritual and it is complicated.

    Once we realize that it isn’t just present day mindsets that we can label as racist, then we can actually get some clarity and know how to get down to remedying the underlying issue.

    A mindset of cursed or not cursed is not going to do it. A mindset of being one, the mindset that Ham left, both when he uncovered his father’s nakedness. and which led to the establishment of Babylon is what would bring it back into line. Every healing must go back to the lie. Separation was the lie that was believed. That is the lie that needs to be disowned to get to the truth. It simply isn’t true that blacks are somehow different. Blacks must believe it and the other races as well. We change the spiritual world we live in, and remedy the past by moving into the truth.


    • Wow, I have to say I have never heard a perspective like yours on this issue. But I really would not be surprised if our oppression has been spiritual. We know that the fall and oppression the Jews is spiritual, but they will be restored. And infact we are all – every single race – restored to unity in Christ through the gospel. So for every Believer redeemed by the blood of Jesus, there is no curse limiting our future anymore. But like I’ve said before, and as is written in the Bible, it’s knowledge of the Truth that sets us free. If we don’t know we are free, we will stay oppressed.


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  4. Like as in Will Smith and Jada black? Kobe Bryant black, with all the accompnying pychotic white girl fake rape drama?

    Or Obama in bed ith his white CIA mama black-marrying down with a Chicago girl to get some street cred?

    Or-did you mean those po’ white crackas that Maya Angelou cleverly kept on the outside fence-edge of her narratives?

    Or, white, like Alice Walker’s Color Purple, where she managed to dismiss, stigmatize and destroy an entire generation of black men better than the klan ever could; one well paced lie of domestic violence at a time ( her own daughter hates her for her narcissism, which rivals the navel gazing of any white feminist).

    Or-white like Vlad Putin, and all of his petrodollars, stolen from the people of Russia, with the help of Jewish billionaires-you know, nJews, the other white meat, who gave us Leon Trotsky, who expounded upn the importnce of the black/white falee binary….

    For that matter-is Henry Kissinger white alright? You know ‘all those useless eaters’ and so on.

    Black like a Compton-killed-kid in 1987, or a Chiraq kid today, where cops use hidden investigative tools to wiretap entire neighbrhoods full of phones ( and many of those phones having skins of all shades). Or white like thecsingle mother raised trailer trash kid who realize-much too late- that his mom birthed him in order to collect a state paid bounty of 562.00 per month for a few years, and then turned to meth?

    Yeah-you ask a tough|binary question….


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