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From Disadvantage To Advantage, We Raise Happy Kids!

I was really nervous about last week, because I was trying to do all this and keep to my new daily publishing schedule on Grace and Truth. But God is faithful! I enjoyed all these activities, even took lessons with the children (when a couple of volunteers couldn’t make it), I also attended a wedding on Saturday and still published 10 posts last week! Where there’s a will, there’s a way ūüôā But to God be the glory, it was a fantastic time with the kids.

The Rising Star

If you are familiar with our work, you will notice something special about our kids…  They are smiling!  Granted, they are not always smiling, as if their lives are blissfully easy.  They have come from a place of struggle and disadvantage.  They are well acquainted with lack and even injustice.  They still live within their impoverished environments, working towards a better future.  But they have hope!  And they have faith!  And most of all, they have love!

At Fair Life Africa Foundation, we are concerned for the complete well being of our children.  We are concerned for their physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual development.  Through our Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative, we alleviate the pressures facing them, and remove the barriers to their success by primarily sponsoring their academic education and vocational study.   Our children are brilliant and talented, but more than their physical disadvantage, there is a lot of…

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