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I’m On A Break!

Hi Dear Friends,

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting as much of late, and I didn’t post The Spotlight yesterday evening, as I normally do on Thursdays.  I am taking some time off blogging to give more attention to my work at Fair Life Africa Foundation.  We are very much in need of funding for our work to continue, and with Christmas around the corner, my attention is needed more than at any other time.

For now, only The Spotlight and Reader Questions (normally on Fridays at 3pm) will be affected, as I have already completed writing the story series of The Church Girl – Extended Version and Broken, so they will continue to be published at their regular times of Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon.  I know a lot of you will be relieved about that.  I’ll also still be sharing Chronicles of a Social Worker, a story series written by Emeke Ndego for Fair Life Africa, at the usual time of Fridays at noon.

I have missed two episodes of The Marriage ABCs, but since that’s all I have on my plate for this blog, I will continue to write that weekly series, with hopes to complete it by Christmas time.  I hope more of you will take an interest in it, especially those of you who love my story series, which deal with marital issues.  The Marriage ABCs is good for singles and married alike, and if God wills, it will be the first of my writings to be published in a book!

I am also still sharing my Editor’s Picks every day on social media, and will be publishing my Editor’s Picks of the Week every Saturday at noon, as scheduled.  Feel free to spend time on the blog reading up on old and new posts.  If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you read AN EMOTIONAL AFFAIR story series!  I hope you will also help me share and drop a comment from time to time.  Thank you.

I hope to soon return and be on full throttle again!  I am expectant of God’s favour by providing for my charity work, and also His favour on my business, Ufuomaee Business Solutions.  As before, when the Lord puts something in my heart, I will pen it down and share it with you.  It’s just that I’ve taken the pressure off, by pausing some of my scheduled posts.  I appreciate your understanding and support.

Thanks so much for following my blog.  Please also follow Fair Life Africa Foundation!  We are on Facebook and also have our own blog (The Rising Star), as well as a website (www.fairlifeafrica.org).  If you are feeling generous or God moves your heart, please donate to our work.  You can donate online through GlobalGiving.co.uk, via our Project Page.  Or if you are based locally, donate to Fair Life Africa Foundation at GTBank, 0106643687.  God bless you!

Photo credit: http://www.danblackonleadership.info

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