Quiz – The First Christmas According To The Bible

I was surprised that I missed some of the answers. How culture has changed this beautiful story. Try this Quiz for a re-education about the First Christmas, and have yourselves a Merry Christmas! Many thanks, Rebbecca 🙂

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

christmas-1412789-mEvery few years I bring back this quiz which has been fairly popular. Besides, it reminds me that Christmas commemorates a real historical event. We ought not play fast and loose with the facts recorded for us in the Bible. But we are fighting an uphill battle because . . . culture.

That being said, here’s the quiz with the introduction and directions:

1. Jesus’s birth was predicted to Joseph by an angel in a dream.

2. Mary was a virgin at the time of Jesus’s birth.

3. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph’s place of residence.

4. The innkeeper told Joseph there was no room in the inn

5. Jesus was born on a cold winter’s night.

6. The stable was a wooden structure.

7. There were kings from the east who visited Jesus after he was born.

8. There were three of these visitors.

9. These…

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