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Of The Same, But Different

The Lord ministered something to me today.  It was something I needed to hear, and it has set me free from the task of worrying and judging.  I hope others are blessed by this message.

While I was reading an e-book by another Sister in Christ, whom I have recently come to know, I thought about how our experiences were similar.  I thought about the things she was sharing, which were the things God had been teaching me too.  I already knew from her blog that she had a special relationship with God…but yet, we don’t agree on everything.

I’ve written other posts about this issue before, about how it is hard to know those who are true believers and why it is something we will have to leave God to reveal, and not set ourselves up as judges.  But, I’ve also always thought, if you’re intimate with God, and I’m intimate with God, we should know ourselves, and be united.  We should think alike and act alike…  We should be able to get along all the time.

But today, as I pondered on this issue again, how we could disagree and yet both be right with God, He ministered to me.  It was just a simple expression, which I can’t recall exactly, but the message was clear.

God helped me to see that it is normal for us to differ, even though we are both intimate with Him, because we are Sisters, but not the same!  Just as my sister and I have different perspectives on many things, and agree on a few things, we still both enjoy intimacy with our Earthly Father.  Our minds, hearts, spirits and bodies are not the same, but we share a family and blood connection.

Though Christians differ, the Spirit of love we share will help us to have tolerance, understanding, appreciation, compassion and due regard for each other.  Our thirst for the Truth will cause us to deny ourselves and our pride, and seek to learn from each other.  We can have fellowship, and it needn’t be categorized by tension and disagreement, if truly we have love in our hearts for God and one another.  Unity is something we will continue to aspire to, perhaps until Christ is revealed, when we will know fully as we are known (1 Cor 13:12).  But I suppose that in Heaven, we would still not lose our unique attributes, even in our unity.

Some will be known for being just, others for being kind, others for being gentle, others for being assertive, others for their imaginations, and yet others for the organisational abilities!  So many different personalities, one family, one fellowship.  Even among the first disciples, we saw this.  So we need not despair, because we are of the same, but each different!

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