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The Spotlight: Follow Jesus, Avoid Babylon

Hi y’all!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s episode of The Spotlight.  We took a look at Simi’s blogpost, which presented a case for why people ought to stop praying for singles to get married!  I really appreciate everyone who dropped a comment.  Simi also stopped by and explained why her blog is called Nuach!  You should go check it out…

So, continuing with the all new and improved Spotlight series…  I want to spotlight a blog I have been following for a while, which I only just discovered!  Isn’t that shameful?  I think a lot of us bloggers do that.  Hit follow, and then never follow up.  But it’s hard, especially when you are following lots of people, and get lots of posts on your Reader.  You will definitely miss a few.  And when you have your favourites, or those who like or comment on your posts, it’s easier to pay them a visit regularly.

Well, I’ve had to add this blogger to my favourites!  I’m so happy I found him!  Okay, you must be wondering who he is.  He goes by the name Kirk, and his blog is called notesfromthebridge.  I wonder what inspired that title?  Maybe he will tell us.

So, I read the piece that I am spotlighting on his blog just a couple of days ago, and I was hooked.  Been reading up on his other stuff, and he’s got many great pieces.  I actually reblogged one titled HOW THEN SHOULD WE MEET?  He has a simple style of quoting a portion of Scripture, and then expanding on the message, and sharing some hard hitting lessons!  I do that some times, but his is different.  They are like short devotionals, so if you need a devotional blog, check him out.

Okay, so the blogpost that first caught my attention is FOLLOW JESUS, AVOID BABYLON.  Yeah, I’m sure you can see why I clicked to read 🙂  I really wasn’t sure what I would find.  It was a message on leadership actually, and Kirk shared a different perspective from the reigning norm in Christianity – just my sort of thing!  I don’t want to say too much of my opinion, because I want you to read Kirk’s, but I agree wholly with him on this issue.  I think the Church today totally missed Jesus’ teaching on leadership, particularly when He taught His disciples not to call each other by titles (Matt 23:8-11).

Here’s an excerpt from Kirk’s post…  Please do visit, read, comment and share as you are inspired to.

Leadership was never supposed to be a really big deal in the Body of Christ.  In fact it is something meant to be extremely simple and easy.  Those who are older and more mature in the faith are supposed to help watch over the Body.  NOTICE… it says to the elders AMONG you.  True biblical leadership comes from those willing to be among the Body, not over or in charge of it.

Jesus is the one and only true Shepherd of His Church.  He alone is The Head and the rest of us serve as various parts of the Body.  Some in the Body are eyes and ears and it is their function to watch over the rest of the Body of Christ.  This is not complicated stuff.  God always uses those who are open and willing to serve.  When The Spirit is allowed to flow freely among the Body each part does its work without the need for titles, platforms or positions.

Can I get an Amen???  Alright…  Some people may have a different perspective on this altogether.  Maybe an explanation for why they allow themselves to be called by Titles and choose to call their leaders by Titles such as Father, Your Worship, Pastor…???  Am I hurting anyone..?

Talk to me in the comments section!

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  1. ohh!!! really??? let no man be weary o.
    the spotlights r awesome… okay, now I know nuach is a Greek word for rest.
    ‘how then should we meet’ is insightful, it flaws the ‘customized’ church system we have today, stating clearly what an orderly worship from God should be drawing reference from Corinthians. I had some questions in mind when I read but got the answers when I re-read, though personally, i feel pastors encouraging member to join the work force in the church is a way of allowing member participation though willing member this time,so the pastor does not have to do 90% of the sharing or what do u think??
    ‘follow Jesus, avoid Babylon’ was great too n I did dropped my comment with the author.


    • You’re awesome, Dammy. Yeah, I think the modern Church is also trying to follow the Corinthian example with their cell groups. It can be hard to have a Church were everyone can speak, when you have thousands in the congregation… So I’ve actually rethought my position on this 🙂


  2. In that the hierarchy reflected in the modern church comes directly from Babylon and was never the intended format anywhere in Scripture, that is Babylon. As far as the excerpt you’ve shared above goes – that’s spot on truth!


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