Issues of Life

Free At Last!!!

Hold up!!!  I’m about to do Church up in here!!!!


Mehn, you can’t understand what I am feeling right now!  My mind is blowing up!  I know it’s no big deal to a lot of you, and you may not even understand, but a whole load of weight has been lifted…  A burden I have been carrying for most of my Christian walk, has been elevated…  And I feel like I am breathing the free air again!  I feel like I am seeing everything anew…for the first time.

Yes, I left the group more than 11 years now…  But my mind was still bound with the belief that they were right about living by faith.  That their way was correct.  And I struggled to understand Christianity from their perspective.

Yes, it meant that I was judgmental of other Believers.  Yes, it meant I couldn’t fellowship with those who didn’t think like me.  And yes, unfortunately, it meant that I couldn’t love my Brethren!  And I have been lonely…  And I have been struggling to believe that the Church that Christ started was still in existence.

I almost gave up.  It wasn’t that long ago…  Last year actually.  I wrote a post, that if I had published, would have made me an Atheist!  Because I couldn’t reconcile what I had been taught was true to what I knew in my heart was true…  But what I couldn’t do was deny Christ.

So, I started again…reading the Scriptures as one desirous of the Truth.  And this time, He helped me.  Not everything changed.  Some were refined.  Some other things fell into place.  But what was the best, was knowing that He was with me, teaching me all things…and helping me to abide.

I don’t know it all still.  I know there is so much more.  I feel like I have just been set free from a prison, and I am out in the open field, and I am seeing the world and the potential and the goodness, and I am no longer bound by what I cannot do…but empowered to walk in liberty.  To walk in love.  To walk in peace.  And thereby be a light!

I will be rejoicing forever…  I may have more of such posts to share my joy and gratitude that Jesus set me free, and I am free indeed.  As the Lord continues to teach me, I will write, and I will grow and I will fulfil purpose.  Won’t you rejoice with me?

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for keeping me, as only You can (John 10:27-29)!

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