The Wedding

The hall was gloriously decorated with colourful, sweet-smelling flowers and alight with spotlighting and grandiose chandeliers. Gold and purple drapes and ribbons were beautifully spread around the grand space, and lined the ivory chiavari chairs according to the royal theme the Bride had chosen. It was to be the Wedding of all weddings, as the Creative Director of the most popular fashion house in California, Charme, marrying her celebrity groom, star Athlete Seth Greenwood, was no small affair.

Beatrice Williams, the Bride, was also the only child to her parents, multi-millionaires and business tycoons, George and Fidelis Williams. The parents of the Bride had hired the premium wedding planner, Zarreth, to organize all aspects of the Wedding, and no expense was to be spared. Both families had invited their noble, rich and famous friends, business acquaintances and near and distant relatives for the destination wedding in Miami.

As she stood before the Minister of the Marriage Ceremony, standing next to the man she would be spending the rest of her life with, Beatrice wondered about the decision she was about to make.  It was just three months ago that she had been surprised by Seth’s elaborate proposal for marriage…


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