He Took My Breath Away…

I remember the day I met Kevin, like it was yesterday.  Something about him was so paralysing, I couldn’t help but stare!  Yes, he was gorgeous, but more than that, he oozed charisma.  He smiled at me, as he noticed my intense gaze, and I gasped.  He took my breath away!

After that first encounter, I was mesmerised.  He obviously knew I was attracted to him.  What I couldn’t believe was how he too seemed attracted to me!  I don’t know why…he seemed so far out of my league with his athletic build, and striking features.  It took everything in me to look away and think of something other than his full pink lips.

I met Kevin about a month later at a mutual friend’s 30th birthday bash. As before, he was breathtaking. ALL the ladies were looking at him, and many of the guys too!!! I tried to be distracted by other things, but he seemed to be my reference point. At one point, our eyes met across the room. He smiled again, and I almost fainted!

He came to where I was sitting and introduced himself. “You’re the girl from the Cafe, right?”


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