The Hard Road To Forgiveness

The road to divorce was long and hard. I must have died a thousand deaths along the way.

The first time was when he confessed to me what he had done. In tears, he told me his horrible secret and broke my heart. He destroyed my trust and became a monster in my eyes.

At his touch, I flinched. I yelled and I screamed. “I will NEVER forgive you for this”. I fell to the floor and sobbed uncontrollably tears…

He came near to me, but with one final scream, and all the strength I had left in me, I pushed him away “NO!!!”

Needless to say, divorce was imminent. He was a broken man. A dead man to me. I could barely stand his presence, let alone his voice. I picked a fight at everything and rejected his efforts to reconcile.

It wasn’t fair! I wanted to have my own mid-life crisis! Wasn’t I allowed to breakdown and wallow in my pain? How dare he try and rid me of my sorrow, when it is all I have?

The dreams, they died with him. Life was bleak and dark. I lost my smile. I lost my faith. I lost me…


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