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The God Who Heals Me

I want to share a testimony about how the Lord healed me recently.  It may be small to some, but every testimony grows faith, and I am sharing it so that my faith may grow, and so that others will believe and be encouraged that our God still heals and longs to heals us.

The other day, I cooked some bad chicken.  I know I should have thrown it away.  But I thought it was borderline and could be salvaged.  My body is usually quite sensitive to bad food, while it seems my husband can stomach anything.  So I took a chance on it.

Within a few hours of consuming the food, my body started to respond, as I began to get reflux, and could taste the bad food arising in my throat.  I knew what was going go come next.  My tummy was going to suffer horrible pains in the night.  I would definitely have diarrhea.  And though I don’t usually vomit, I felt like vomiting because of the reflux.  I knew I had been poisoned.

So what did I do?  I instantly went to Google to search for how to treat food poisoning by chicken.  This is what I usually do when I’m sick, check for answers online.

I started worrying that the food poisoning won’t allow me to do all the work I had to do that I had put off since because I was focused on writing my story series.  I prepared myself to be sick.  Then the Lord reminded me of one of the scenes in my new story, A Small World.

It was the scene with Ifeanyi and Chuka, and how Ifeanyi asked Chuka if he had prayed about his problem.  That isn’t it the answer to everything?  Then the Lord asked me: “Won’t you ask Me?

See me, feeling like a hypocrite.  I know how to teach others but, sometimes, not all that good about acting in faith myself.  So I repented, and prayed with faith that God would heal me and deliver me of my food poisoning…and that He should also help my unbelief.

While I prayed for that, I realised that I had been developing a sore throat for a couple of days, and I hadn’t even prayed about that either.  I had just decided to ride it out!  What that means in reality was that I was prepared to suffer for at least one week, and take sore throat medicine and all…because I thought God wouldn’t want to be bothered with that.  It turns out He was.

I decided then to pray for my sore throat too, and touched my throat, and asked for complete healing.

I didn’t feel well instantly.  But within a couple of hours, my reflux and other symptoms of food poisoning stopped, and my throat was clear.  I didn’t want to  be hasty to profess healing, but by the next day, I could not deny what the Lord had done!  And today, the Lord encouraged me to share my testimony.

There are many things I have faith in God concerning, but I have thought these too petty for Him.  It appears we have reached the point in our relationship where He doesn’t want to abide with such unbelief anymore.  He wants me to know that He is the God, my Healer, just as He is the God who helps me write…  Praised be His holy name!

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  1. I immediately thought of Matthey 14:31…”O thou of little faith.” AND then I thought of myself and so many others at times. We are great faith talkers BUT are we great faith walkers? Wow!!! This really spoke volumes to me and I’m glad you shared it. Thanks!

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