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Reader Questions: I’m embarrassed about my body. My breasts are too small! What do I do?

Dear Ufuomaee

Good afternoon ma’am.
I am sharing this with you because I know you’re a minister and a matured woman. I am 21 and I will be 22 in November but my breasts are not grown like a matured lady of my age. I started having protruding nipples at age 8 normally for a developing and growing lady but that’s where it stopped at the size of the nipples. I am in a university. My friends do make jest of me and laugh at me that I am deceiving brothers there was even a day one came to the bathroom and call others to come and see my small breasts and I am a final year student so the juniors also came. I have prayed and fasted about it before that at times in church it became my prayer points , I have laid my hands on my breasts whenever a minister says we should lay hand on any part that needs healing. I have prayed addressing the hormones concerned and the tissues of my breasts too. Now I rarely pray concerning who to marry because I don’t want to deceive men with the push up bras I wear. Today , my mates and I are gifting about relationships and sort but I could not really talk cause I feel I don’t have breasts so why should I. it’s embarrassing but I don’t know, I don’t even hear from God maybe God is telling me to wait or not. Please I am confused because even at times I use ladies that have big breasts as a point of contact and it’s still the same. I don’t want to deceive any man cause I have heard stories of female with small breasts and the husband got to know on the wedding night and I don’t want my case to be like that. Please what do I do?

Dear Reader,

I can relate with you a little, because I was very insecure about my breasts, before I married my husband.  Guess what, he loves them!!!!  What a waste of many years of insecurity, vanity and headache.

I actually began to develop early, but my aunty thought she would send my boobs into delay by using a rolling pin on my chest!  It worked.  They shrunk, and started growing a couple of years later, and they weren’t firm.  I thought they were saggy like old women’s breasts, and was ashamed of them all my life…until my husband.

Stop worrying about what God has given you.  He has just ONE man for you, and you can bet that he will love your big nipples and small breasts just as they are…

Don’t let the devil steal your focus from what is important, which is following God, loving Him and others… You are so concerned with self, I’m sure you hardly remember others living in great pain and with injustice. God has work for you to do and you won’t do it worrying about your body. He gave you the body!

Ignore all those girls. Pray for them, because they are at risk of throwing their lives away with vanity… Their beauty will fade, but a woman with godly character only grows more beautiful each day 🙂

Let the joy of the Lord return to you. Don’t be like me, who learned to love my beautiful self late. Appreciate your body, appreciate your mind, appreciate your heart, appreciate your giftings and skills…and use ALL to the glory of God!

Sincerely, Ufuoma.

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  1. dnt worry my sis! dat very man dat will love dat breast will come to u nd nt all men loves ladies with big breast, nd u might be suprise imedately u take in,ur breast will start growing big,pls dnt use any drug or blame God for ur small breast.God has reason for creating u dat way. u are blessed


  2. well, I don’t think you should be discouraged or feel insecure. I also have small breasts and was ridiculed about it. But I now love them because I see myself as whole through Jesus eyes.Breasts are meant to come in different sizes and the man God has for you will love them. Do not expose yourself to people who criticize you or allow them to hurt you like you did in the bathroom. some are even jealous because heavy breast causes back pain sometimes and sags fast. Every woman should love her breasts.
    if you feel there’s something wrong medically( really doubt it), visit a doctor don’t take all these roadside remedies. Wearing bras with little padding is not bad and shouldn’t make you feel guilty because they make clothes fit you better.
    ps: women breasts generally gets bigger in pregnancy so hold out for future improvement when you get married


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