Is Your Heart Monitor Off?

Okay, this is going to be the longest reblog in record history, but I can’t wait til Thursday to spotlight this, and well, I have missed three weeks already!

I just read this oldie but goodie from Fitly Spoken. She’s someone who always writes thought provoking, insightful and challenging pieces. Whenever I see her posts I literally get excited about reading it before I start – no kidding! But I’ve been too busy on my own blog, I haven’t been able to keep up with hers.

So the message of this post is: “If you are not serving Me with love, your whole heart, body, spirit and mind, I don’t want your service”. Did I get that right, dear?

As much as I liked and agree with the message here, I couldn’t help but think, as I was rounding off reading the post, “Okay, it’s not enough that I am OBEYING You, even when it is hard for me to, and I would rather do my own thing, I have to LOVE it too? God, You’re asking too much!!!”

Am I alone here? I am trying to be honest! It’s not everything that God says I must do or not do that I love to do or not do. There are many things that I still struggle to do with a right spirit. Like for example, submitting to my husband. Oh, a more common one, forgiving an offender! Or even, abstaining from sex before marriage! These things are not beans… They are hard.

I guess it can be likened to sitting an exam, that you studied hard for and sacrificed a lot for, and would have passed, but failed on the last question – Did you love the test, and the studying, preparation and sacrifices you made?  Was your heart in it, or were you just fulfilling all righteousness?

Now, it makes sense when Jesus said that He would send away many who will say to Him that they did so many good works in His name, because He never knew them!  Imagine spending your life preparing for the wrong test!  They would only have known the right test, the right WAY, by Holy Spirit revelation, which comes by the grace of God.  And so many are called, but few are chosen.

The truth is that we can NEVER do these things in our own strength, with our own hearts… It takes GOD to do God’s will! It takes GOD to do the right thing, when it is hard and smile while doing it – or even LOVE it! It takes God.

That’s why God decided He would have to give us NEW hearts and spirits, because with our old soul, we can never please Him. Yet we wrestle, and He sees us and our continual struggle with the flesh, and He is waiting for us to SURRENDER…every day. Everyday to ask Him for the grace to not only obey, but the grace to LOVE it!

So, that’s what I would add to this piece. No, we can’t please God with any amount of works…whether good or dead. It takes God to please God, and we simply need to be surrendered every day so that He can live through us. Amen.

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