Issues of Life

Fifty Six

That is the number of posts I have in drafts right this minute!  I looked at that number and I thought “WOW!!!”  So many things I would love to write about, so much inspiration and, yet, so little time…

Nine of them are space savers for new story series!  And two are titles for more inspirational series that I need to sit down and write.  I am already very behind on The Marriage ABCs series I started last year, but I am determined to finish it and turn it into an e-book 🙂

I have also missed a few weeks on my weekly Spotlight series, but I hope to be smooth sailing again next week.  The major problem with The Spotlight is that I haven’t had much time lately to read much of other people’s content.  There was an article I wanted to spotlight yesterday, but by the time I got round to it, my mind was too tired to do a good job of it.  I am thinking maybe I will shift the time of The Spotlight series to Saturdays at 3pm.

I wish I had the time and leisure to sit and just write everyday!  Oh…how I wish I could get away somewhere and just write, but I suppose inspiration would soon stop, because much of my inspiration comes from observing and living life myself.  Even still, I know that as I write, the ideas will continue to multiply, and I probably will never finish writing everything I plan to write.  I suppose that is okay…

However, I hope to God that I will fulfill my calling as a writer…as a humanitarian…as a mother…and as a wife!  None of those callings have been financially profitable so far, though they have required a lot of me giving and investing myself.  But hopefully, that will soon change.  I am working on getting my story series turned into books and even films.  These require more investment, but I believe they will be profitable in the long run, and help me to grow as a writer, and ultimately leave me with more time to focus on writing and family, and money to put towards my family and charity work.

I have been looking for a means to sustain myself, while I am free to write.  I thought maybe advertising for a while.  I tried it out, but eventually lost patience AND belief in it.  My traffic is really not that great to attract any reasonable advertising right now, and I find the adverts very distracting as a reader.  I don’t believe it is suitable for a blog like mine, so I took it off (Update: It’s back on moderately, and I think advertising will be staying in some capacity.  Confused?  Read I’VE CHANGED. AND IT’S OKAY.).

Fortunately, I just discovered  Have you heard of it?  I have looking for a platform like that for a long time…  I’m glad I found it.  I have now registered as a Creator, and can now receive support from those who believe in my ministry, wherever they may be in the world!  I got my first Patron today, and even though it was just $1 a month pledge, I broke out in a big smile and my heart danced!  What a relief!

Having more Patrons supporting me on this creative journey will mean that I can soon turn my 56 posts in drafts into published pieces…  And out of those may be some more amazing series that could be converted to novels, ebooks and film, by God’s grace.  A girl can dream right?

In case Patreon is what you have been looking for too, you can sign up as a Creator here:  You’re welcome!  I wish someone had told me about it too 🙂

And if you’ve been one of my secret readers and fans, you can also become a secret Patron here:  Thank you so much!  Nothing is too small 🙂

Well, this was supposed to be a short post…  Thanks for reading and for all you do and have done to encourage me on this journey.  May God continue to inspire you and send you timely encouragement too.


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