Broken – Part Six (No Place Like Home)

So I made my great escape, and Ope didn’t come after me, just like I knew he wouldn’t.  It was not my proudest moment.  But I was finally free, to live as I pleased.

I didn’t tell Tony about the baby until the morning after, when I had moved into his home, and spent my first night in his bed.  I had had another bout of morning sickness, and I saw him watching me, when I exited the bathroom.  His eyes begged the question, and I confirmed that I was carrying his baby.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting him to say, but it certainly was not, “Get rid of it.”  Just like that, no emotion, no asking me how I felt or wanted to do, no moment of contemplation.   Just a command.

I simply raised an eyebrow at him and returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  “You’re getting rid of it, right?” he came in to ask, looking at me through the mirror.

“Of course,” I muttered, not able to look at him, feeling hurt at how he had dismissed my feelings and the baby as nothing but an inconvenience…


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