Broken – Part Five (At Breaking Point)

Hi everyone.  My name is Ope.  I am the husband of a sex addict.

Last week, I spoke for the first time, after attending for three months.  I was encouraged by a lot of your testimonies, as well as your feedback from sharing mine.  I went home resolute and determined to keep fighting for my marriage.  However, I got home to find that my wife, Promise, had packed out of our home.

I was heartbroken, but found the strength to go after her.  I knew where she would be.  I’d known about her affair with one of our neighbours for a while now.  So his place was the first place I checked.  And surely, she had packed three suitcases to move in with him.

There are no words to explain the agony I went through that night.  My worst nightmare had come true.  And I was afraid that it would happen again, that she would keep trying to leave me.  However, I was determined to keep fighting, to keep defying her attempts to break me and make me hate her.

The day after I brought my wife back home, we found out that she is pregnant, and the baby can’t possibly be mine…


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