Broken – The Epilogue (A New Beginning)

“Did you hear what happened to Uncle Bill?” Kemi asked, as she worked on my hair, adding pins to keep the style in place.

I looked at her through the mirror in my bedroom.  I’ve never been keen on gossip, but since he’s family…and we have history, I was certainly curious.  “No, I didn’t.  What happened?”

“He’s in jail!  Apparently it was his father-in-law who got him arrested!”

“For what?”

“He was caught on camera molesting his six year old daughter!  Aunty Folake was suspecting him, and thought he was even having an affair with their nanny!  She installed nanny cam all over their house, and that is how she caught him!  How horrible is that?”

“Oh wow!  The poor girl.  Does anyone know how long this has been going on?  What about his other children?” I asked, shocked but yet relieved that he had been found out and was going to pay for his crimes.

“He has three boys.  It seems it all started recently with his daughter, when she turned six a few months ago.  The boys said he had never molested them.”


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