I’ve Seen God

The other day, as I was going to gather up those Christians to be killed, God appeared to me.

“No, he didn’t! He doesn’t exist!”

But I saw Him. He blinded me with His glory and told me I was persecuting Him!

“Saul, you’re sounding crazy! No way did you hear God! Are you schizo?”

But I did. Believe me. He told me that I had to go see one of them, who would touch my eyes and make me see again.  By the way, please call me by my new name – Paul.

“Look, you’re really starting to sound deluded. Maybe you just had too much to drink last night. I think you’re sleep deprived. Just get some rest. Tomorrow, you’ll be yourself again, Saul.”

Are you even listening to me? Do I have any reason to lie to you? What does it profit me to tell you I saw God or that He spoke to me? Really, why would I say that if it wasn’t true?

“OK. So, let’s say you did see ‘God’. What did he look like?”

I couldn’t get a good look at Him, because He blinded me with His brightness…


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