Issues of Life

The Magic Mirror

The Lord gave me a magic mirror, and told me that just when I need it, I could peer into it, and it would reveal secrets.  It would take me to a world where fantasy meets reality.  Where all life is meaningless and meaningful all at once.

Whenever I have looked in this mirror, I have seen stories untold.  I have discovered new lives and possibilities, and written as I have seen.  Stories that exposed vulnerabilities, healed hurts and liberated souls.  And I have loved this gift.

At times, I’ve been tempted to use it to escape.  To indulge in fantasy and deny reality.  To appease and please myself…

But the mirror has a purpose, and its power lies therein.  When rightly used, it becomes a blessing to others too…  But if abused, it can be a curse.  A snare.  A great deception.

The danger is I might come to love the gift more than the Giver.  I may come to appreciate the lives untold, more than the living.  The mirror is meant to give perspective, but without reality, there is no perspective, just as without a thing, there is no reflection.

Thank You for this gift, Lord.  Please help me to always use it soberly, with wisdom, so that it will bring glory to Your name.  Give me a greater appreciation for all your gifts, so that this gift can always be used with the right perspective and, thereby, be maximised!  Amen!

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