Editor’s Pick: If I had a gun

If I had a gun, I’d hold TV captive for 40 days
So that husbands and wives, brothers and sisters
Fathers and sons, and mothers and daughters
Would learn the art of conversation

If I had a time machine, I’d travel to the Last Day
And watch the Shepherd separate the sheep from the goats
I’d note the personalities I exalted as noble and saved
And learn the thoughts of the Most High.


Editor’s Pick is a special category on Grace and Truth for sharing previously published content that some of my readers may have missed.  Please follow the link to the original post to continue reading, and make your comments there.  This link will be disabled after 30 days, and any comments made here will no longer be visible, until the post is shared again.  Thanks for understanding and for reading, liking, sharing and commenting!


Categories: Repost

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