Fair Life Africa

The Focus On Girls!

I haven’t shared an update about Fair Life Africa… Some people were beginning to wonder if we’re still active. Were you one of them?

Rest assured that we’re here and we ain’t going nowhere :)!

The Rising Star

It’s been a long minute…  But we’re still here.  Still doing what we love to do!  Here’s our most recent update to GlobalGiving.  Thanks for all your support 🙂


Our previous Initiative, Care Continuity Challenge, focused on street boys for the three and a half years duration it ran for, though we intended to reach out to girls in the long run, when we grew in capacity.  For reasons, previously stated, we decided to start on the Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative in September 2014, which caters to boy and girls, who are under-privileged, but not necessarily street children.  In fact, most of the children in receipt of our support have guardians who they live with, and are enrolled for educational sponsorship with us, to ensure that they can achieve their potentials.  Most of our children are academically brilliant and most are also female.

We were contacted by Sage Foundation…

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