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Editor’s Pick: Why Are You Leaving WordPress.com And Using Advertising?

“Hello my dear sister! Sorry if you already posted the answers to these questions and I did not spend much time searching your site for them before asking, but (1) why are you choosing to move from WordPress to a site with advertisements and (2) why do you choose to move to a site that requires cookies? I would love to continue reading your blogs, but I cannot accept these two conditions, for we are IN the world but not OF it, and what is freely received is to be freely given.” – Deanna Reynolds

Hi Deanna,

I already responded to your questions in the comment thread of the post, where you made your original comment, but I feel that I should address the issues raised publicly, in case other people are feeling or thinking the same way.  Again, thanks for reaching out to me and letting me know your reservations about my decision to use advertising and cookies on my new blog.

Because of our exchange, I was enlightened about the fact that I actually don’t need to stop blogging here at WordPress.com.  I don’t need to move, but I do need to grow.  So I am not moving…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-why-are-you-leaving-wordpress-com-and-using-advertising/

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