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The Spotlight: Giving Support To The Single Woman Trying to Live Right

Earlier this year, I spotlighted a post by Simi, titled “Stop Praying For Singles To Get Married!!!”  Today’s post is by a close friend of mine who is relatively new to blogging.  She goes by the name Chioma Oparadike, and blogs at  Her tagline is “Inspiration for today’s Christian woman”, and I believe she’s off to a great start, especially with this latest post!

I shared my thoughts plenty with Simi’s post, and I like how Chioma took on this issue.  Her post is titled “Giving Support To The Single Woman Trying To Live Right“, and compared to Simi’s tongue in cheek style, it comes from a more positive and suggestive angle.  I also find her exposition broader in scope and more insightful.  I find that at times, I’ve been guilty of having this mindset towards single women.  It’s a social pressure that is ingrained, but we must ensure that we resist and even overturn.

I would like to encourage all my readers to head on over to Chioma’s blog to read, comment and share as led.  I also recommend her blog as one to follow :).  Here’s an excerpt:

“Most of us, even though we know better, believe our essence as women is inextricably tied to our marital status.  Do you feel this way?

Growing up, I felt this way. I noticed how my skills, virtues and character were subjected to endless scrutiny and thereafter used in discussing the type of wife I would be.

Back then, I didn’t really understand the impact of these seemingly harmless acts. I just wondered why I had to do certain things and my brother didn’t.

Now, at 31, it is sad to say that many of these nuances and characterizations remain.

 I often hear and see older and younger women being judged based on their suitableness in domesticity and their marital status…”  Read more…

So you’ve read it all, I hope!  I loved how she highlighted certain key statements and arranged her blog post with pictures…  Some people have time, sha!  She’s already a blogging pro.  But on the matter, what says you?  Are you guilty or one of those singles who has had it up to here with the pressure to be married to be relevant…?  Let’s hear from you.

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