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The Spotlight: Every Life Matters…

It’s been a while since I spotlighted one of her pieces, but this lady is not new to the house!  I’ve been a fan of her writings for close to two years now.  Today, she talks about a really topical issue, concerning the violent attacks that have been in the news of late, beginning with the attack on the Army Captain in Ghana on May 29th this year.

Her name is Josephina Amoako, and she blogs at  Her tagline reads: “Born to Write, On a Mission to Inspire“, and that she is!  She’s quite talented in telling short stories, and has written several story series as well.  I don’t think I need to say more…do I?

Alright, so today’s post is simply titled “Every Life Matters“, and it is an appeal for REAL justice, not vigilante or mob justice that seems to be on a rise.  Her post highlights some critical issues, and should be a warning to each of us to heed what’s in our hearts.  To me, it is evident that fear is the demon here.  But perfect love casts out all fear.

Please head on over to her blog to read this insightful piece.  I think she would appreciate your likes, comments and shares, but mostly, I think she just wants the message to be passed across, so read and take heed of yourself!  Here’s an excerpt:

“We tell ourselves we are all equal. We teach them to the children at school. But coming from a society where we study mainly to pass exams and not to imbibe the knowledge, it is disheartening having to witness the injustice people usually found at the bottom of the social ladder, face on a regular basis.

Gone are the days when suspected lawbreakers are hurled to the police station for justice to take it due course and be served when need be. Gone are the days when killers were assumed to be hardcore criminals who lurked in the dark and pounced on vulnerable people.

These days, in our so-called ‘modern society’, the people we see on our streets day in day out all dressed up and about their business, could automatically turn into heartless beings at the sound of ‘thief!’ Like the American TV series, the Vampire Diaries, it seems people switch off their humanity and beat the life out of a fellow person like monsters. Even animals are spared and given a quick death and not made to suffer that horrible fate…  Read more…

Alright, so you’ve read it, I hope.  A much needed word?  What more do we need to do to make sure these attacks do not continue to repeat themselves.  Should our approach be preventative (teaching others and keeping ourselves from doing wrong), secretive (keeping our actions hidden, even if we do wrong) or proactive (actively bringing people to justice, through legitimate means)?  I said I believe ‘fear’ is the real demon, but what do you think the real problem is?

Let’s talk some more…

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  1. You are right: Fear is right at the core. Thinking about it, I also see that, the fear, the soft and sensitive core, was cloaked with anger. That unbridled anger that lets you act on the spur of the moment, setting reason, grace and belief aside. Indeed, when perfect love is allowed into the heart, then one can find the motivation to put all these feelings in check.

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