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Editor’s Pick: How does Patreon work in layman terms?

I was asked this question by one of my dearest friends, who didn’t really understand what Patreon is all about and its benefits.  I have actually been meaning to say more about this, and her question allowed me to go deeper into it and explain why I am now on Patreon.  I will share my response to her, and add my answers to other commonly asked questions in relation to my use of Patreon.  I hope this will help you to make up your mind one way or another about Patreon, and hopefully result in you joining me there, either as a Creator or one of my Patrons, or both 🙂


Patreon is a platform that enables Patrons from all around the world to support Creators from all over the world to continue to create art works that the Patrons appreciate.  Alexis and Megan say it is like a monthly tip jar.  Patrons can be anyone.  They are people who value Art and Creativity, and appreciate that even when it doesn’t cost money to create, it takes time – and time is money.  Creators can also be Patrons of other Creators, as I am on Patreon.

Creators are creative artists, who…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-how-does-patreon-work-in-layman-terms/

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