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Five Things That Happen When A Blogger Becomes An Author

I’ve been going through some changes since I became an Author and published my first book just two and a half months ago.  I’ve learned a lot about this new business that I have entered, and I feel ready to begin to share these lessons with you.  I hope it will encourage some of my Blogger friends who recently became Authors too, and maybe help them to realise that they are not alone…and we can do this!

Here are five things that happen to Bloggers who become Authors, and have happened to THIS Author:

  1. You write a post announcing your new published book.  And then another.  And another.  Soon, it’s like all your posts are about your new book, promos, being an Author and your frustrations with marketing your book.  You’ve seen other Bloggers who became Authors go through this phase, and you never could understand how they don’t realise that the whole world didn’t stop or change because they suddenly published a book.  Why do they keep shoving their book in your face?  You get it already.  Except now, you are the one trying to get some spotlight on your book, so that you can have the balls (and time and resources) to publish another one!
  2. You suddenly realise that you didn’t know what you were getting into.  It may take a while actually.  You might go through the Five Stage Grief Process of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally, Acceptance, about the fact that your FABULOUS book didn’t suddenly become a Bestseller!  You’ve still got lots of work to do to get people to first know your book exists, show any interest in it and decide to buy it.  You still want them to read it, and give you some great feedback (ideally in the form of an AWESOME review), and ultimately tell the whole world how reading your book changed their life.  But that’s not happening any time soon…and not without some more hard work on your end.
  3. You eventually realise that you just started a new business!  Yes, being an Author is a business, in case you haven’t realised.  You have a product you want to sell, and you now have to market it to others.  You’ve invested time and capital (expenses incurred in publishing and/or printing) into setting up the business, and you also had an expectation of profit, to get you by professionally, and also help you invest (time and money) in another project.  But you know nothing about running a business.  Well, not a business like being a Writer.  And you probably know jack s**t about marketing!  And everywhere you look, people are giving you conflicting information about how to sell your book and trying to take advantage of the fact that you are an amateur in this business.
  4. You become that annoying friend.  Ever had friends who started a side business in say Avon Cosmetics or Forever Living, or any of those get-rich schemes?  Remember how annoying it was when you got tricked to sit through one of their meetings so that they could sell their idea to you…and the pressure you felt to support them, or watch your relationship change?  Yeah, you just joined that club of annoying friends.  You probably don’t realise it, but almost every other word out of your mouth is ‘book’, ‘published’, ‘read’, ‘buy’, ‘story’ etc  Anything that relates to you selling your book.  You can add the title of your book to this list.  Yes, it get’s tiring…even for your best friend!
  5. You gradually grow up into a better you.  The Author you.  Your identity has changed forever.  You will never be just a Blogger or Writer anymore.  You are now an Author, successful or not.  You’ve learned the hard way how not to publish a book and market said book.  You’ve learnt what to expect if and when you publish another book.  You now have a better idea who you should publish with, and how you should go about it.  You can even give advice to newbies or prospective Authors.  However, you may still be baffled about why your book didn’t get the support you dreamed it would get…and why so many of your friends who encouraged you while you were writing and publishing never actually bought nor read your book.  But you know better than to blame them or put pressure on them to support you.  It is your baby.  Your responsibility.  Your business.

If you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts with me in the comments section! If you are thinking of becoming an Author, I sure hope this has prepared your mind for what to expect…  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my experience and how you can publish your own book.  I am now actually an ‘expert’ eBook cover designer!  I designed all but one of my eBook covers, so holla if you need a great design for your next book.

The book I am currently promoting is THE CHURCH GIRL.  It’s a romantic, fictional story that has been raved to be “an excellent book for understanding how to handle relationships“!  Check out these reviews on Bella Naija ( and (  I also got to talk about it on TV.  Check out the VIDEO.

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  1. Okay, I seriously think God is knitting us together. I am writing two books right now, and they are two pieces of the sane story. I don’t want to call it a series, because I think it will just be the first book and the sequel. They are fantasy novels, and the first draft of the first book is currently being proofread by my mother. I am in the process of writing the rough draft of the second book.

    Thank you very much for this blog post! It is timely and very helpful!

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  2. Hi Ufuoma, this was a good read. Thabks for highlighting the concerns of most authors and their readers.
    I hope to get to the “exalted” author status soon and will take note of these helpful tips 🙂👏🏽

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Chioma. I’m glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your prayers for my business (haha!) Thanks also for being one of those encouraging and supportive friends in my Author journey xoxo


  3. After reading the post on Goodreads (The 5 Readers you meet in publishing) I clicked on your link. There are many truths in your stages of authorship. As someone mentioned in the GR comments, being an author is a marathon not a race. The sooner we learn how to be “The Better You,” the less we will harp our friends and loved ones, (and total strangers!) for reviews, and the less annoying we become. The benefit of that is, a great deal less anxiety about the whole process. 🙂

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