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I Don’t Want To Be “Christian” Anymore

If the diverse Christian Churches, as they stand today,

Is the evidence that there is a Christ,

Then, one cannot be blamed for unbelief.

Jesus prayed “that they would be One, so that the world will believe You sent Me“.

But we are not ONE.

Jesus blessed Peter and said the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church.

But His Church is a crime scene.

Jesus said signs and great works would follow those who believe in Him,

And even greater works than He did, they would do…

But these days, thieves perform signs and wonders,

And “Saints” deny the supernatural…


Some talk of an invisible Church, but where is the impact of this elusive Body?

Everyone seems to be speaking in tongues,

But who is healing the sick?

Or raising the dead?

Or casting out demons?

You say you are a Christian, but I don’t believe you.

I don’t believe you know what it means to be Christian.

I don’t accept your definition, whether liberal or conservative.

Jesus said, “by their fruits, you shall know them“.

Where is the fruit?

Where is the love?


If Jesus Christ was under trial, and we are all that constitutes His defense,

He has no case!

The evidence is not in His favour.

The evidence points to a man who was popular, but misunderstood.

Whose words were twisted.

Whose message is lost or stolen.

But whose legacy has become eternal,

Through the exaltation of a name, but not the Living Word.

Jesus asked “Why do you call Me, Lord, Lord, but do not do what I say?

And so, we see many will claim to know Him, who never knew Him,

Many will claim His riches, but not partake in His fellowship of suffering…


However, Jesus did ask “when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the Earth?

Though I do not understand why His ‘soon’ will take thousands of years…

I do see a prophesy contained in His question…

A prophesy that the days will be so dark that we would question if He ever came…

That the wait will be so long that men will become weary of doing good…

That the love will be so lost that fathers will turn against their children…

And one’s worst enemies will be those of their own household.

For if they did those things to Him in a green tree,

What shall be done in the dry tree?

But He calls us to be faithful, having warned us of all things…

And after enduring all, we shall be glorified with Him…


So, though I still believe in You, Lord Jesus,

I no longer wish to be called a Christian.

Christian now means so many things that I do not believe nor stand for.

You alone knows those who are Yours…

I don’t need anyone else’s validation but Your seal upon me.

And even that, I receive by Your grace, through faith.

But I pray that the world will believe in You by my witness.

Still Lord, I pray, for endurance and Love’s sake…

That You will grant me fellowship with like-minded and sincere Believers.

Fill us with Your Spirit so that we can do Your works, bear Your fruit,

And shine Your light, to the glory of God, the Father.


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  1. I get what your saying and I understand your heart from reading your writings before. I have been there. Getting close to people and ministering to people, and trying to show the world the Jesus you know is hard. Our terms have been corrupted by frauds and plastic and political Christianity. But the term Christian is to identify with Christ. Christ died, rose again and He asks us to follow Him. It has nothing to do with the people who claim they follow and don’t or who do it pourly. Call yourself a Christian but redefine it for people so they truly understand what a real Christian looks like. You might be the only one they meet.

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    • Thanks Chap. I appreciate the comment. I’ve thought of that too, and that’s why I have hung on for so long. But the truth is the disciples didn’t call themselves Christians. The Bible tells us that they were first called Christians in Antioch. It was a label to identify them, but it also politicised them. And the following centuries, Christianity was moulded and corrupted by worldly influences, most especially Constantine. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is what I am and will always be, so help me God. Being Christian is a label I can choose to accept or not. And the label and its meanings and implications no longer fit. I don’t care to defend it.

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    • Yes Chaplaneur, christ Jesus asked to follow him and to show the world he is the way to God, and that is what real Christians should do. Not making him into God but accepting he is the sent one from God and God His only begotten beloved son, like God declared it Himself. Those who really belief God and want to follow the Nazarene jew should still keep calling themselves Christians, but should make it clear to others that they believe the Biblical Truth and do not follow the human dogma’s (like the trinity).

      If they do not like to use that title or name which could give a wrong idea to people they still could go to specify their Christianity and call themselves also Jeshua-ists, giving honour to the real name of the Messiah.


      • The Bible supports the Trinity. Genesis one “we” is used. John 1:1 in the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” The accounts of Jesus’ baptism. The Father spoke to the Son and the Spirit decended on Him like a Dove. Timothy saw the nail marks and the reason Savior and he cried out, “My Lord and My God.” That is only to name a few.


      • What about when Jesus said “Before Abraham was, I Am!” That surely got them riled up, because they knew what it meant, and that there is only One I Am, the everlasting Spirit of God.

        Guestspeaker, you really can’t make a point that real Christians do not believe that Jesus is God. That belief is fundamental to Christianity. I can tell your persuasion is Islamic, so why are you trying to tell Christians what is correct doctrine?

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      • The “we” used in Genesis is the writer Moses having respect for the Most High and He Being the Most Superior writes His Words down like any High Person would use the Royal We when God speaks. Like today person in a high position or in charge of a school, company or organisation still use that plural form they are not more than one person, neither is God Who clearly says He is One.

        You seem to forget or to deny the words of God at Christ his baptism, or do you not believe what God says over there? Though god is not a god of lies but one of truth, and there He clearly declared Jesus not to be Him but to be His only begotten beloved son.


      • When Jesus, after he had spend three days in hell, was taken out of the dead and walked again under his friends he showed them his wounds and questioned why they did not believe in him being him. There he also made it clear that he is no Spirit, like God is an eternal Spirit (having no birth and no death). You also seem to ignore that what Jesus said to his apostles concerning his body being of flesh and blood. Whilst he said that God is Spirit and grater than him and that he did not do his own will (what he would have done when he is God) but the Will of God.


  2. If you do not want to call yourself a Christian though you really belief in Jesus Christ him being the way to God, him being the sent one from God, the only begotten son of God and not holding on the false belief like so many christians do having made Jesus into their god, than you still could call you a real Christian (when you only worship the God of Israel, the same as Abraham, Jesus sand his disciples) or could go to call yourself a Jeshua-ist.


  3. I enjoyed the intensity behind your message as I can fully relate to how you feel. There are so many who say they know God, but don’t know God or know the purpose for their life. It is social validation, going to church makes people “feel better” about actions they have committed. I would really like to know who really knows God, who knows more things about God than just knowing he loves everyone and forgives sins. The Bible clearly states to fear God, live in fear of God for he is just! The concept of God is out of some individuals competence. When people soley go to church for social validation (the function of behavior behind going to church) to gossip, to keep an image or a status quo, people are essentially mocking Christ. The world has to change, but I believe it may be to far gone. Thank you for your Good message!! May God continue to bless you, your family, and your words!πŸ™πŸ»

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    • Thanks for feeling me. I feel a lot of people don’t really get what I am trying to say. Jesus said it best, “Salt is good, but if it has lost its flavour, it’s good for nothing but to be thrown out!”

      I’m tired of doing what is NORMAL and expected of me. I want to walk with God like Enoch…and know Him truly. That’s what’s important.

      God bless you!

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      • Amen to you!πŸ™πŸ» The reason why your feeling this way is God has called upon you. Follow his word and his calling and let him be your guide. Don’t be influenced by what others have to say because they will never understand. No one understands my motives, but no one has to besides the man upstairs! You are a blessing and don’t forget that!πŸ™πŸ»

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