Critical Thinking

I’ve Changed. And That’s Okay.

As a blogger, it is easy to change, as you learn so much everyday from what you share and what you read from others.  But it can be hard to admit change, for the same reason.  Because you already put yourself out there.  All your strongly held views and your slippery and wobbly ones too.

Change is a sign of growth, but it’s not always a good growth.  And there are some things that really shouldn’t be susceptible to change…and those are the hardest to admit.  Such changes are like a death of self and one’s confidence.  Because if you could change on such a fundamental issue, what can you really be sure of???  And what more could change tomorrow?

However, admitting change is important for continual growth.  It is important for healing and restoration, if the change is regressive, and for maturity and self-actualisation, if it is progressive.  It is the truth that the only constant in life is change – whether for good or for bad!  If you are alive, you are changing…  So, why are we so afraid of it?

Well, the one person we must admit change to is ourselves.  We need to be okay with the fact that we are not the same person we once were, nor will we ever be the person we once envisioned we would be.  We will be someone entirely different.  And that is okay.

Yes, the world may not understand.  Those close to us may not appreciate nor support our change.  And our relationships will change.  But the moment we get past the fear of change, and accept who we are TODAY, we actually start to be more real and authentic…and probably more lovable too.

You know, maybe they would understand…  Maybe they will be challenged.  Or inspired.  Or encouraged to confess that they too have been struggling to accept change in their lives.  And now, they feel bold enough to embrace it too.

Either way, there’s no moving forward, if we can’t be honest with ourselves.  There will be no way to correct negative change if we never own up to it.  And no way to reach our potential, if we are scared of the good kind of change that makes us more responsible…and our lives a little less comfortable.

So, I’ve changed.  And it’s okay.  I won’t tell you how, because I am not yet at that stage.  I am still trying to understand what has changed and how much…  I am still trying to accept all of it, and love the ME that I am becoming.  I am still a little afraid of change…but every step towards acceptance is making me bolder to let my mind run free the way it desires to.

Thanks for reading and appreciating my writings!

God bless you.

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