Christianity: The Culture Of Idolatry

I once read an ‘inspirational’ post on Instagram about God’s love that made me want to throw up!  Seriously.  But this post had so many likes and ‘amen’s signed on it.  I wish I had upgraded my app then, because I would have saved it, as I now realise I can.

You might wonder why a post about God’s love would make anyone, particularly a Christian, want to throw up.  Well, it is a perverted gospel that says that YOU are the reason God does what He does, and without YOU, God would be miserable.  Yeah, that was the summation or the spirit of the message.  It was a real eye-opener into how corrupt the Christian message has become.

We have turned the tables around, so that the Creator exists to PLEASE and BLESS His creatures!  It’s not all about Him anymore…  It has become all about us.  In seeking to get people to accept the true message of God’s love for the world, the Church has finally resulted in personalising this message so that each individual person has become the centre of the message rather than Jesus.

The Christian message has become a ‘philosophy’ for better living…


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