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Enjoying The Grace Of God – Part One

For believers who are still struggling with accepting God’s grace and walking in their new liberty, after falling…

Have you recently fallen from a great height?  Does almost everyone you know treat you like a leper because their image of you has been stained by your sin?  Do you sometimes feel like you have failed God one too many times, and maybe you have messed up for the last time?  Like this is it…  You’re finished now?!

Maybe it wasn’t so scandalous.  Maybe it is nothing so uncommon.  Maybe you had an affair that ended your marriage.  Or maybe you had an affair that ended or damaged someone else’s marriage.  Or perhaps, you were cheated on, or deceived or abused by your spouse, and your marriage is failing or has failed, and you feel somehow responsible…  Or maybe there was no affair, and you just didn’t know how to work at nor fight for your marriage, so you let it go…you let it die.

Maybe it’s got nothing to do with marriage at all, nor relationships…  It could be failure at work or in ministry.  It could be a crime or otherwise sinful act you committed.  It could be…

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