Advert Interview With Ufuomaee, Author Of The Church Girl

Happy Sunday to you all!  I am happy and excited to share this interview I did with, which they published today on their website.  I hope it inspires and encourages you to get The Church Girl, if you have not, or to tell someone about the book, if you have!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Please tell us more about you.

I am a wife and a mother, a passionate lover of God, who loves to write and teach on Grace and Truth.  I have a blog,, which has lots of articles that I have written over the years, as I have learnt more from my personal walk with God.  My newest passion is telling stories on my blog, through story series.  I also run a charity organisation, Fair Life Africa Foundation, where we seek to empower people for a fairer life.  Please visit to learn more about what we do and how you can support us.

How does it feel seeing your book ready?

I am so excited about seeing my book in print.  It was a long journey to get this point, as I fell victim to deceivers acting as publishing agents.  I wrote more about it on my blog,

What is your new book about

In a word: LOVE.  Real love.  The long-suffering, gracious, redemptive love of God.  It is communicated through a fictional story about an orphan, Mary, who is taken advantage of by her pastor, when she seeks help from the Church.  As a Church girl, she meets bad boy, Ifeanyi, during NYSC camp, and he doesn’t know her dark secret.  He soon discovers it, as nothing stays hidden forever…and soon, his own past comes to wreck havoc on their love.  In Book One, the story takes us through their journey of letting go, dying to self and surrendering to the will of God in their lives as singles.  In Book Two, we also read about how they mature in love during marriage, learning to be as gracious as God and rising up to their potential in Christ…

Read the whole interview at

The Church Girl contains a potent message that I believe the world needs – especially Believers!!!  Because we are the Light of the world, and by our love for one another, men shall believe in Jesus!  Please support my efforts to get this book into as many hands (and minds) as possible!

You can buy your copy using any of these links:




Amazon UK

Amazon US


Barnes And Noble

Also available on the Apple iBooks Store.

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      • Not yet. But I would, surely. If you must know, I spent a great deal of time earlier today exploring all the avenues (various links) you provided for the book to be purchased. I think I’m settling for crediting your account and getting my copies delivered directly to me. I will contact you once I’m ready…

        Konga would have been a good alternative as well. But the twice I tried (yesterday and today), your page on the site wasn’t opening properly. I don’t know if my experience is unique, otherwise you may have to check to see that everything is okay.

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