Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Free At Last!!!

Hold up!!!  I’m about to do Church up in here!!!!


Mehn, you can’t understand what I am feeling right now!  My mind is blowing up!  I know it’s no big deal to a lot of you, and you may not even understand, but a whole load of weight has been lifted…  A burden I have been carrying for most of my Christian walk, has been elevated…  And I feel like I am breathing the free air again!  I feel like I am seeing everything anew…for the first time.

Yes, I left the group more than 11 years now…  But my mind was still bound with the belief that they were right about living by faith.  That their way was correct.  And I struggled to understand Christianity from their perspective.

Yes, it meant that I was judgmental of other Believers.  Yes, it meant I couldn’t fellowship with those who didn’t think like me.  And yes, unfortunately, it meant that I couldn’t love my Brethren!  And I have been lonely…  And I have been struggling to believe that the Church that Christ started was still in existence…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/free-at-last/

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