Confessions Of An Ex-'Jesus Christian'

Confessions of an ex-‘Jesus Christian’ (3)

3. Though you give all to the poor, yet you do not have love, you have gained nothing! (1 Corinthians 13:3)

Self-righteousness.  It is so deceptive.  How many of us are actually free of it?  Yet, those who believe they are excelling in righteousness, are often those who stink the most of it!  And I’ve been guilty of this too.

While I was still in the group, my best friend, Wodu (she wasn’t in the group), had shared this verse with me, hoping to convict me of my erroneous belief and unfair judgment of others who didn’t practice my lifestyle.  It never stuck.  Because I also believed I had love.   It was a warning for those who didn’t have love.  So it didn’t apply to me.  And I know the JCs will probably never read this verse, and think it is a warning to them either.

It is hard to do good and not get self-righteous.  It takes grace to be humble.  It takes REALISING that you need grace, that you need God to be good, to be humble.  And it takes a constant focus on God, to be truly righteous and loving…


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  1. Very true! The example of Christ is to give regardless of the outcome. to be willing to be thought of as a fool for doing exorbitant good. To love our enemies, and lay down our lives for them. If the Church has failed you, let me be the first to ask forgiveness; can you forgive us for being incomplete human beings? We need a Savior, and can only attempt to practice His presence, and allow His mercy to break up the rocks in our hearts! May you be blessed in all ways this day! James- praythroughhistory

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