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God Is Enough, But…

A while back, I said to myself, “Truly, God is not enough…”

What was I doing?  I was washing the dishes.  A very simple task that was filling me with much joy and satisfaction at the time, and I felt a revelation coming on…

But this is something most people do every day and take for granted.  However, when you have house helps or maids (as they are called abroad), there are lots of simple things in life that we miss out on appreciating.  How they humble us, bless us, motivate us and more.

I had just let go of my help, and for a few days, I took over basic cleaning of our home…doing the things I did while I was single and lived alone in Didsbury (shout out to my Mancunian friends!).  It was really quite refreshing.  I missed this!  When I thought I had been depressed, I was suddenly excited about life…

Because I did the dishes…

It made me think, “God is not meant to be enough”.  Why?  Because He made us for this life…  He made us to do these things and to love service, play and fruitful work.  He made us to appreciate and enjoy nature…  Romance.  Business.  Family.  Friends and all the many things life offers us.

We are not yet like the angels…  We are very much still on Earth, and we not only rightly desire these simple things, we need them to survive on Earth!  In His famous sermon on the Mount, when Jesus told us not to worry about these things, because the Heathens seek after them and our Father knows that we need them…He promised that they would be given, if we would have the right priorities; seeking Him and His Kingdom first (Matt 6:25-34).

So, we need these things.  We ought not to despise them nor disregard them for holiness’ sake.  Being holy is being fully human, but surrendered to God.

Yes, God is enough.  We could survive for months (maybe years) in a wilderness, simply praying and fasting, because God can sustain us all by Himself.  It doesn’t mean we should.  We could live single and alone, the rest of our days, because God can fill us with joy and fellowship.  But He made these earthly provisions for us to enjoy, and gave us the desire we have for them.  A healthy desire.  To live and enjoy life.

It is through greed, which the Scriptures regard as idolatry (Col 3:5), and lust, that healthy desires are perverted.  It is idolatrous when we have a craving for these things to satisfy us, in place of God.  When we consume or use excessively, not having self-control and being selfish, we abuse what ought to bless our lives.

Our lives here on Earth are multi-dimensional.  We are not only physical beings, we are also spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual too.  An over-emphasis on one dimension and a reliance on only one or two to satisfy completely is an abuse of our humanity.  We must actively engage all to live full, healthy, happy and prosperous lives…to the glory of God!

My dear Brethren, God is enough, but do not be over-spiritual (Eccl 7:16).

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