Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Too Awesome To Fathom!

I’ve come to see God as a really hospitable Host, who loves to share His wealth and show His goodness to a particular kind of people – those with faith.  Jesus hated to waste His miracles on the faithless.  He knew that no number of signs and wonders will change a stone heart!  But whenever He came across anyone with a measure of faith, He was so moved and zealous to act for their sake.  He was a miracle worker in disguise in His day, and He loved the opportunities He had to work His miracles and transform lives – even though He had to keep it on the ‘hush hush’.

There is nothing He has not used in times past to show His great hospitality and care.  He has shown without a shadow of a doubt that there’s nothing impossible for Him.  Is it turning water to wine?  Bringing water from a rock?  Cakes from Heaven?  Five star hotel service in the wilderness?  Gold from a fish?  A bottomless jar of oil?  Really, I am in awe to think just what God could do in our lives today, if we could show Him even the smallest measure of faith!

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/too-awesome-to-fathom/

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