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The Church Girl Half-Price Sale!!! All December On Okadabooks

Extra extra, read all about it!  For one month only, get The Church Girl eBook at half the price, only on, because it’s Christmas!  You can also get Book One and Book Two separately on Okadabooks, in case you want to ease yourself into the story.  However, to benefit from the discount, you will need to get both books within December, as the price will revert back in the New Year.

Do I need to tell you about the book again?  If you’re new to my blog, the best place to visit to know more about The Church Girl and what people are saying about it is the promo page:

You can also get the eBook on Amazon, Smashwords and other major eBook retailers.  You can order the paperback on or direct from me (for autographed copies).  It is also available at major bookstores in Nigeria, most notably Laterna Ventures and Terra Kulture.

However, the Christmas Promo is exclusive to sales on Okadabooks, direct link is  The site accepts international payments, and it is easy to register using your Facebook profile.  If you are not local and are having challenges getting the book on Okadabooks, please email  I’ll be happy to assist, and so will the Okadabooks team.

By the way, if you are following A Small World, you really should get The Church Girl, to fully appreciate the story.  A majority of the characters in A Small World originated from The Church Girl.  Others are from An Emotional Affair and Broken, and a few are brand new!  To get any or all of my eBooks, please visit my Author pages at:

Thanks for your following and support!  Please drop your review for me at the eBook platform where you got the book, and/or on my official promo page.  I would be so grateful and encouraged 🙂  Have an awesome new month!

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